Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 809

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This time, the shop assistant managed to recommend an entire pile of clothes, and that finally satisfied

She pulled out her card and gestured at the clothes and accessories. “I want them all.”

Although she was furious with Diana for leaving without saying goodbye, for not reaching out to her and
for not telling her when she came back, she couldn’t bring herself to be mad at the twins.

Especially when Vans went to the Fulchers and told her how much Julian adored the twins.

She really wanted to see them.

But Vans didn’t get to see the twins, not to mention take a photo with them.

As such, she decided to visit them in person.

At most, she would just ignore Diana and just focus her attention on the twins.

When they were still in Diana’s womb, Nina was bent on being their godmother.

Thus, she was determined to behave like how a godmother should behave.

With so many clothes and gifts in hand, they were probably sufficient as a welcome gift.

The thought of seeing the two darlings in a while made her heart leap with joy.

After the shop assistant packed up the pile of clothes and accessories and brought them to her car, she
keyed in the address in her GPS with the thought of heading to see the twins immediately.

She was, however, interrupted by a phone call. “Ed itor-in- Chief.”

The person on the other end of the call said, “Fanny Smith gave us an exclusive interview, but she
specified for you to be there. Do you…”

Fanny Smith.

The A-list super star who used to be so highly sought-after.

A pity…

During these three years, she deliberately kept a low profile and rejected many advertising
opportunities. One couldn’t even see her in advertisements, not to mention films and shows.

She might no longer be in the scene, but her legend continued to spread in the scene.

If Nina could secure this exclusive interview, it would surely bring in many views and clicks, and might
even break a record.

Nina hesitated for a moment before agreeing to it. “I’ll go.”

She turned the steering wheel and said, “Give me the address.”

She didn’t expect Fanny to be staying at the Channings instead of her own condo or villa.

Fanny was waiting at the entrance when Nina arrived.

She was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, her long hair in billowing waves. Her features were still exquisite
and ever so outstanding, mesmerizing whoever’s attention it caught.

Back then, Nina misunderstood her relationship with Oliver.

She even managed to get a huge sum of money from her and Oliver.

Although that was the unspoken rule with the paparazzi, as long as celebrities were willing to spend the
money and do the necessary PR before they got exposed, they would be able to buy the expose
information from the paparazzi.

Yet, the expose wasn’t even true to begin with.

Even so, Fanny still made Oliver pay her the money and buy the photos Nina took of them when they
were having a meal and walking side by side with each other.

Subsequently, she even buried the hatchet and became the first investor of Diana’s studio.

Fanny treating Nina like that embarrassed Nina somewhat.

She immediately ground her car to a stop and walked toward Fanny. Before Nina could speak, she
heard Fanny say, “I heard that Diana’s back?”

Nina’s guard immediately went up.

She felt as if someone had doused a basin of warm water on her in the middle of a winter day, and all
that was left when the warmth faded away was a bone-chilling cold.

Her eyes were filled with defensiveness, but her tone remained friendly and casual. “The great Ms.
Fanny Smith.

Why did you just mention Diana the second we meet?”

She asked cautiously, “Did you lose a lot of money when Diana suddenly left without warning three
years ago?”

“Not really.”

No one held the reins of Diana’s studio after she left.

But she didn’t exactly lose money.

In the year of the studio’s establishment, Diana distributed exceptionally high returns to Fanny.

As long as Diana was still alive, Fanny believed that the studio would one day soar to great heights as
it did.

The key was, “Isn’t she back? With two children in tow?”

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