Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 808

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Diana listened, mouth agape at Betty’s outburst. She chided her daughter loudly, “Betty!”

What was wrong with her child?

She was still very resistant toward Julian yesterday, hiding behind Diana and refusing to see him.

How did she suddenly become so clingy to him?

Diana couldn’t wrap her mind around Betty’s behavior. She tried to haul Betty off Julian’s back. Before
she could do so, he stopped her. “It’s fine.”

He didn’t look like a high and mighty CEO at all.

His suit and pants were in contact with the floor, and Diana could tell that it was a haute couture piece
that didn’t come cheap.

But now, for the sake of Betty, Julian treated his clothes like filthy rags, rubbing them carelessly on the


His knees were on the floor, too.

As the wealthiest man in Richburgh, it was reasonable that he didn’t care about ruining his clothes. But
he couldn’t possibly be so nonchalant about his knees and image, could he?

Diana was getting increasingly curious about what Julian was thinking.

He was treating Betty so well that she was beginning to feel guilty toward Julian. ‘There’s no need for
you to treat her so nicely.”

Out of the blue, Julian brought up a particular subject. “What happened with Doreen was an accident.
But back then, I didn’t make her stay and apologize to both of you. It was my fault. If it can make Betty
happy, I’m willing to do anything.”

As it turned out, he was trying to make it up to Betty.

Diana heaved a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, she felt that Julian might not be so purposive after all.

Since he was being reasonable, Diana couldn’t possibly turn a blind eye to his kind intentions. “It’s all
water under the bridge. Mr. Fulcher, please don’t take it to heart.”

Julian stood silent for a moment before saying, “I can’t not take it to heart. I’ll make Doreen and Kiki
pay for the wound they caused on Betty’s face.”

Diana choked on Julian’s words.

She coughed back her saliva and said, “But Doreen is your daughter.”

While Kiki was his woman.

Wasn’t it too much of him to say that in front of her?

Julian suddenly felt overcome with fatigue. “Who told you Doreen is my daughter?”

He had never been so servile toward someone in his entire life.

Betty was the only one.

He treated Betty so well because she looked just like Diana, unlike his previous assumption that his
daughter would look like him.


Even if Betty didn’t look like Diana, he wouldn’t be able to say no to her if she were to fuss or even cry
at him.

Perhaps the saying was true that daughters are their fathers’ lover in a past life.

Julian never expected such a saying to one day be applicable to him.

“Betty.” Diana looked at her. “Betty, didn’t you say that Doreen called Mr. Fulcher Daddy?”

“Yeah.” Betty nodded, still hiccuping from her excited sobs. “I…” She pointed to her ears as she went
on, “heard it myself.”

Julian finally understood what had happened. A strange look flashed past his eyes as he asked, “Are
you treating me like this because Doreen called me Daddy? Are you jealous?”


At a children’s clothes store in SK mall, Nina was searching around for suitable clothes. However, her
efforts had been in vain even after searching through multiple shops.

‘What kind of clothes are good for infants that are slightly more than two years old?” she asked the
shop assistant after entering yet another shop.

“Is it a boyor a girl?”

“One boy and one girl.”

The shop assistant immediately recommended a few outfits. ‘These options are suitable.”

In addition to that, she even recommended some matching hats and shoes. In a while, a pile of
children’s clothes and accessories appeared right before Nina.

This time, Nina smiled satisfactorily.

She finally understood the reason why she was unable to find something suitable. It wasn’t because of
the style, price, or even brand, but because all the shop assistants she had met before recommended
too few options.

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