Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 805

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“How is it not appropriate?” Julian found her statement strange.

He cornered her and added, “Are you trying to bring up Simon Channing again?”

Was she trying to remind him again that she was his sister-in-law?! How laughable!

‘Not just that!’ Diana thought.

She wanted to bring up the many women he had as well.

But she thought she would be crossing the line with that.

She had nothing to do with it, and she was in no position to comment about his relationships.

She just needed to stick to her original intentions and get well soon, so that she could protect her own
children. She would then slowly distance herself from him, as if she had never met him before, and all
would be well once more.

That way, everything would go back to normal again.

Thankfully, Julian managed to stay at Diana’s house.

Even though he managed to stay, he was sensible enough not to go into a bedroom.

He took the initiative to ask Diana for a blanket and laid it on the floor.

He seemed so familiar with sleeping on the floor that it shocked Diana.

Could he, the wealthiest man of Richburgh, not afford a bed at home?

Why did he look like he frequently slept on the floor?

Julian was so focused on preparing his ‘bed’ that he didn’t register the shock in Diana’s eyes. By the
time he was done and looked up, Diana had entered her own bedroom.

She shut the door and even locked it with a click.

Who was she trying to defend herself against?

Whatever it was, one day, he would be able to open that door.

With that thought in mind, Julian laid his head on the ground confidently.

In his sleepy stupor, he suddenly had the same feeling as when he stayed vigil at her door when they
fought three years ago, before Diana left him.

Back then, his heart ached for Diana who was suffering from morning sickness, and he even wanted
her to abort the twins.

That was when Diana flared up at him.

Now that he thought about it, she was right to get angry with him.

He deserved to be scolded by her.

Otherwise, how could he still have two lovely darlings to hold and to love?

After the DNA test results came out, he would show them the irrevocable proof and tell them that he
was their father.

He wanted to bring his wife and children back to the villa.

They would lead life as a happy and beautiful family from then on.

As for Simon…

His eyes narrowed dangerously. He would start making his move once Diana’s condition stabilized.

Even if Diana refused to tell him anything, he would start with Simon and get to the bottom of what
happened three years ago.

If he were to find out that she was really threatened by someone back then, he would surely make the
culprit pay the price!

That night, Julian slept very soundly.

But he wasn’t the only one. Diana slept very soundly too.

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