Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 804

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Mrs. Lay stood stunned for a moment, wondering why Julian suddenly changed his mind.

How would Diana be able to handle herself as the twins if she didn’t come?

But Julian had already issued his order and she had no choice but to hurriedly agree, pack her things,
and return to the villa.

She did everything so quickly that she didn’t even have time to bid Diana farewell.

She behaved as if she was deathly afraid of Julian.

All the good vibes Diana had toward Mrs. Lay added to her displeasure toward Julian.

She instinctively looked up and said reprovingly to Julian, “Why must you look so cold and fierce?”

At that moment, Julian felt as though he had gone back to the past. He was at home, having a video
conference with the senior executives of his company on his computer. All that was reported and tabled
during the meeting were in a mess.

Diana didn’t know what was happening, and simply thought that he was getting angry over some
documents that he was reading on his computer screen. She had no idea that he was at a meeting.

She had poured a cup of milk for him and, standing behind his computer, she lifted the cup to his lips
and flashed him a dazzling smile. “Why must you look so cold and fierce?”

At once, he smiled back at her.

The smile came from the bottom of his heart.

He was worried that if he continued looking fierce, it would scare her.

He seldom flared up before her.

At that moment, confidence filled Julian’s heart as his thin lips moved to speak, “Let Mrs. Lay go back.
I’ll stay. I’ll take care of you and the twins.”

Diana was stunned for a moment.

At the next instance, she snapped back to reality and hurriedly bent forward to retrieve the box of birds’
nest and apples Julian pointed at earlier. “All for you.”

She was clearly trying to make him leave without explicitly saying so.

Julian refused to take the things, and looked at her with a smile. “Diana, exactly what kind of threat are
you under?”

Why must she keep pushing him away?

Diana found him strange beyond reason, “I’ve already told you. I’m not under any kind of threat. And…”
She paused for a moment as she looked straight at him in the eyes, “You’re my greatest threat.”

The twins stood right by her side as she said so.

Both of them reached out and gripped the hem of her shirt tightly.

It was as if they were silently telling Julian that this time, they would not let him snatch them away.

But Julian wasn’t snatching them away.

He just wanted to get closer to them.

Julian felt helplessly defeated.

He changed tack and decided to just act shamelessly, “I’m not leaving. You clearly need help here
tomorrow. I’ll come and help.”

“I can find a nanny.”

“It’s not easy finding someone reliable. What’s more, you need one urgently.”

“I can ask Mrs. Lay to come and help,” Diana said. The woman clicked very well with her.

Julian smiled. “She works for me. If I don’t let her come, she will surely not come.”

Diana was speechless.

She wanted to tell him that she could call Simon to help.

But the thought of his love confession to her made the words die on her lips.

She hadn’t thought about how to deal with things between them.

Still, she did need someone to help her watch over the twins when she was on the drip.

Especially with Betty.

She was an active toddler, and it was impossible to trap her in the house the entire day.

She absolutely didn’t want what happened when they were infants to repeat.

She would never let both children be without adult supervision.

With that thought in mind, she knew Julian would definitely be of help.

But she just didn’t understand, “Why are you being so helpful to me?”

To Julian, Diana was asking the obvious.

But since she was injured and he was the culprit, he didn’t want to fight with her over it at this time.

He simply asked back, “Why are you so resistant toward me?”

She even left him three years ago.

At the look in his eyes, Diana started to panic. “I’m not.”

She instinctively turned away, no longer wanting to look at this strikingly handsome man. “Whatever it
is, it’s not appropriate for us to be like this.”

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