Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 802

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He had been hungry for five hours, yet he did not cry or make a fuss. He didn’t even utter a sound.

When Diana prepared the milk and positioned the teat at the corner of his lips, he suddenly flashed her
a smile.

His eyes shone like the moon in the night sky.

He smiled, as if telling her, “Mommy, it’s all right.

Don’t be sad.

I really love you.”

Diana felt needles piercing through her heart as she lifted her son from his cot and sobbed

‘Thankfully, both of them are fine’, she thought.

Otherwise, how would she go on living?

That was her thought right now.

If she were to lose her twins, she really wouldn’t be able to live on.

They had been through so much, experiencing things as a family of three.

Yet, the twins may not remember much of it when they were merely infants.

She was the only one who had those memories etched in her heart, creating a treasure trove of
precious memories in her heart that brought light to her life.

Whenever she felt sad, miserable, or in pain, thinking about having them in her embrace and being
able to see them grow up made her feel like her life was filled with abundance once more.

Before they were born, Diana had never been this way.

Sean was very obedient and careful. He stood right before Diana and called out cautiously, “Mommy.”

Diana nodded happily. At that instant, she suddenly didn’t know how to face Sean.

He wasn’t like Betty, who could become happy in a moment with some coaxing.

Sean was deep and thought a lot for a young boy, and he was very sensitive to boot.

Seeing Diana like this must have made him sad.

Otherwise, his face wouldn’t be crumpled so much.

Diana gently rubbed out the creases between his brows. She didn’t lie to him that it didn’t hurt, but
instead promised him, “Sean, Mommy won’t get hurt like this again next time.”

Sean nodded, but didn’t cling onto Diana.

He simply sat next to her silently.

However, he did grab the corner of Diana’s shirt, as if afraid that Julian would take him away from
Diana once more.

The sight made her heart ache.

It also made Julian feel even more guilty.

He didn’t expect his actions to bring such grievous pain to Diana and the twins.

If he could turn back time, he would definitely try to think of a better solution instead of simply violently
tearing the mother and children apart.

Guilt filled his heart, but he had no idea how to express his apology.

He even looked slightly anxious.

He was afraid Diana and the twins would chase him away.

Julian tried his best to think of something to say as he kept looking around him. He finally pointed to the
pile of nutritional products and fruits, and asked, “What are these?”

“Noel brought them,” Diana said. “I can’t finish so much food. Why don’t you take some home before

The moment she said that, she felt like she said too much.

Something that even Mrs. Lay refused to take would surely not attract the wealthiest man in Richburgh.

Whatever it was, she felt grateful to him for taking the effort to save her by personally driving his car
and trying to stop her.

She had been too rash this time.

She did not carefully consider the consequences when she drove the car.

After the accident, she did consider the fact that there was no need for him to personally drive his car to
stop her and save her life, even if it was for the sake of his own reputation.

When she was discharged, the doctor even said that if it weren’t for the perfect angle at which she
suffered her injuries, Diana would have lost her arm.

She did feel grateful for Julian.

But not that much.

Before Julian had a chance to chat further, she said anxiously, “When are you leaving?”

She even pulled her two darlings behind her as she asked that.

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