Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 800

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Thankfully, Julian didn’t pursue the matter.

If he did, Noel would have been in deep trouble.

Noel sent them into the house. “Please head upstairs first. I’ll head out to buy something.”

Diana thought he wanted to buy something for himself, and didn’t ask any further.

A while later, he brought back bags of fruits and some nutritional products.

When Mrs. Lay opened the door to let him in, Diana almost jumped back in fright by the sheer amount
of things Noel bought.

“Madam, you need to load up on nutrition.”

Julian could only get better if Diana got better.

If Julian got better, things would start looking up for all of them who served Julian.

There wasn’t much space to begin with; with all the things that Noel brought, the space felt even more

“I can’t finish them all. You bought so many things!” Diana said. “I appreciate the thought, but please
don’t leave these things here.”

How could Noel let that happen?

He waved his hands profusely as he walked toward the exit, as if he were fleeing for his life. “Leave
them all here, just leave them all here.”

He had a feeling these things wouldn’t go to waste.

Mrs. Lay jumped in and persuaded Diana as well. “He probably feels

terrible that you knelt.”

She then added, “Just take them. He’ll feel better only if you accept these things.”

Her words shocked Diana even more.

She didn’t expect Mrs. Lay to know about her kneeling before Noel.

Yet, none of them blamed her for it.

Noel was even trying to find ways to make it up to her, such as buying all these things.

An inexplicable emotion filled Diana’s heart. In any case, she no longer felt so resistant toward the
people who worked for Julian.

Diana gestured to the couch and invited Mrs. Lay to rest for a while. “Have a seat.”

“I’m not tired.” Mrs. Lay poured Diana a glass of water. “You should rest first.”

She wanted to mop the floor and disinfect the house first before Julian brought the twins back.

She didn’t want the twins to come in contact with germs which might be harmful forthem.

Diana couldn’t talk Mrs. Lay out of it and simply let her be.

Despite that, Mrs. Lay was being way too considerate.

Even while she was busy doing chores, the moment she saw a dip in the water level of Diana’s cup,
she would immediately come by and fill it up to the brim again.

The moment Diana furrowed her brows, Mrs. Lay would immediately come by and ask if she was
feeling any discomfort, or if she needed anything at all.

The attitude Mrs. Lay displayed made Diana feel as if she was the one who paid money and engaged
the former to work for her.

She supposed that given the wealth and power the Fulcher wielded, the quality of their servants was
probably top notch.

That was probably why Mrs. Lay and Noel respected her so much.

However, Diana wasn’t at all used to the attention both Mrs. Lay and Noel were paying her.

She looked around at the nutritional products around the house and, for the first time, felt troubled over
the sheer amount of things in her house.” How long am I going to take before I finish them all?”

She hated seeing food go to waste. “Mrs. Lay, please take some along with you before you leave.”

Mrs. Lay chuckled.

Having spent the whole day with Diana, she began believing that Diana had her reasons for leaving
three years ago, just as Julian believed so.

“I won’t do something like that,” Mrs. Lay said gently. “These are Noel’s gifts to you. How can I take

What kind of a person would Mrs. Lay be if she were to take them?

Julian had already paid her handsomely for her work.

She would be greedy if she were to take what belonged to Diana.

“Just get well, and all of us will be happy.”

Her words warmed Diana’s heart.

She was about to chat more with Mrs. Lay and ask her about Julian’s relationships, to see if she could
identify the reason behind him refusing to let the twins go when someone knocked on the door.

It was Julian with the twins.

Diana immediately stood up, having forgotten about her pain and injury. She pulled the door open and
stretched her arms out, preparing to receive her two children in her embrace.

She did not expect to hug Julian first.

He was too tall.

Her outstretched arms coincided with his waist.

Sean and Betty were both in his arms, one on each side.

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