Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 801

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The three of them looked at Diana in a daze.

She immediately let Julian go and stepped back in a panic. ‘Tm sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Her fractured arm hurt so badly, but she didn’t even furrow her brows.

She was too occupied by the embarrassment and awkwardness she was feeling.

The excitement and warmth in Julian’s eyes faded.

They gradually gave way to disappointment. “It’s okay.”

He should have known the one she wanted to hug wasn’t him.

This fact wouldn’t change, even after a car accident.

“Sean, Betty.” Julian looked down and said softly to the twins, “I’ll put you both down now.”

The two of them couldn’t wait.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

Tears filled their eyes the moment they saw Diana.

Betty immediately jumped into Diana’s embrace, and kept blowing at her wounds.

Sean, on the other hand, didn’t dare to move.

Mommy’s arm was in a cast, and it probably felt very painful.

He didn’t dare to touch her.

“Come down!” He tried to pull Betty away. “You’re too heavy.”

Betty was going to make Mommy’s wound even worse.

Betty, however, felt indignant at Sean’s words. Her chubby face was filled with displeasure.

The moment she saw Diana furrow her brows, her face crumpled and she said, ‘Tm sorry.”

She was always not as smart and sharp as her brother.

Boo hoo…

She made Mommy’s wound even worse.

Diana had never seen her twins cry so hard before. “It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Her heart broke into a million pieces as she put Betty down and hurriedly grabbed some ice from the
fridge. She wrapped them in a towel, and quickly applied it on Betty’s eyes.

She caressed Betty’s little face. “The wound on your cheeks hasn’t faded yet. How can you cry so

Her heart was shattering.

She didn’t feel so bad during the video call.

But now, the sight of her twins standing right before her, Betty’s red and swollen eyes, and the scar still
on her little face tugged at her heartstrings.

The ache in Diana’s heart made her feel terrible.

She couldn’t even bring herself to look at Betty anymore.

If she did so, her eyes would probably fill with tears once more.

Spending these two days away from her two darlings felt as long as a century.

Diana waved at Sean. “Sean, come over here.”

Her little Sean darling, so cold and aloof.

Although he was a little ice prince, Diana knew he was also a warm hearted young man.

He would always be the first to realize that she was feeling unwell.

Even when they were infants, Sean had always been the more mature one of the two.

Diana had done all the tough work of taking care of the twins and she had to balance that with work.
One day, she finally collapsed from the fatigue and fell sick.

That night, she had a high fever at 102 fahrenheit.

She was worried about spreading the fever to them, so she wore a mask. She didn’t even dare to feed
them her breastmilk.

She had to climb out of bed in the middle of the night and look for milk powder from a store.

But Stirling City wasn’t as developed as Richburgh, and practically all the shops were closed in the
middle of the night.

Eventually, she had no choice but to knock on her neighbor’s doors to try and get some milk powder.

By the time she managed to get some milk powder and returned home, Betty had cried till her throat
went hoarse.

For the very first time, Diana slapped herself right in front of her twins!

She had gotten muddle-headed from the fever!

How could she leave the two of them at home all alone?

Thankfully, nothing happened. If something did happen, she would never forgive herself even if she

Sean, on the other hand, was exceptionally obedient that day.

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