Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 799

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Betty shook her head, her eyes filled with tears.

Her heart was breaking for Mommy.

She knew Mommy was lying and that Mommy was injured.

Betty had gotten injured before, and she had that antiseptic lotion applied on her boo boo too.

Just like how it was for Mommy right now.

At that time, Mommy kept blowing at her bob boo to make it better.

Betty didn’t know what else to do except for blowing on Mommy’s boo boo. “Boo-hoo…”

Her voice still sounded nasal.

The moment she opened her mouth, the tears welling up in her eyes fell from her cheeks.

As if worried Diana might realize, Betty hurriedly wiped them away and kept puckering her lips. “I’ll blow
on your boo boo so that they won’t hurt, Mommy.”

Diana didn’t cry even when she was inflicted with so many wounds.

She didn’t cry even when the car lost control and she thought she would die.

But the moment Diana saw how much her daughter loved her, she finally burst into tears.

Sean, who had been keeping his silence, held his sister’s little hand.

He did not say anything to Diana.

He didn’t even look at the phone.

He simply looked firmly at Julian and said, “We want to go home.”

To them, wherever Mommy was, was their home.

That had been how the three of them lived over the past three years.

Be it in Stirling City, camping in the vast greenland, or even in exploring the forest in the deepest,
darkest of nights, they would never fail to be by each other’s side.

Mommy never left them, be it when Betty caught the flu bug, suffered from indigestion or when he had
high fever.

She would always stay by their bedside, night after night.

Now that Mommy was hurt, they wanted to be by Mommy’s side, too.

Sean’s eyes were so filled with determination that even Julian, a fully- grown worldly adult, found it hard
to resist.

He found himself unable to reject Sean’s request.

To make things worse, he was largely responsible for what happened.

“I’ll send both of you there.”

The moment Mrs. Lay heard Julian’s words, she started preparing for Diana to be discharged.

Some of the IV drip bottles could be administered at home. She just needed to get someone to go to
the villa to insert the needle into Diana’s wrist.

By the time everything was settled, they had to dispense a whole bag-load of medicine from the

Mrs. Lay left the hospital with Diana, holding and supporting her with much effort.

Thankfully, Noel drove by just in time and everything happened like clockwork.

Diana saw Noel, and immediately recalled herself kneeling. She felt slightly embarrassed.

She had been too rash at that time.

However, Noel acted as if nothing happened.

He was still unexpectedly respectful to her.

“I’ll do it myself.” She tried to buckle her seatbelt upon settling down in the car.

Mrs. Lay immediately put down the bags she was carrying. “Let me, let me.”

She leaned over and helped Diana with her seatbelt.

She then grabbed a pillow and stuffed it at Diana’s lower back. “Although you didn’t suffer any severe
internal injury, you’re all covered in scratches and bruises, especially on your arms. It’ll be terribly
troublesome if you don’t fully recover from your minor fracture, too.”

Mrs. Lay nagged at Diana tirelessly about the things she could be careful about.

Gradually, Diana began talking more and opening up to Mrs. Lay.

By the time they reached the destination, they almost couldn’t even bear to leave the car.

Noel felt rather put to shame.

Had he known that Mrs. Lay would be so useful, Julian would have used her right from the start. He
wouldn’t have needed to stay vigil at Diana’s door and cause her to distrust him to the point of kneeling
to him.

The thought of how Diana knelt at that time made his knees hurt.

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