Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 798

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It wasn’t strange for Betty to do that.

She was a glutton and not a deep thinker to begin with, and therefore easily attracted by anything that
looked delicious or fun.

But Sean was different.

He didn’t speak much at home.

Not to talk about taking the initiative to ask someone for water in an unfamiliar environment.

This point alone sufficed to show that Julian…treated them pretty well.

Perhaps what happened with Doreen the last time was a genuine accident.

But one thing that Diana just couldn’t figure out was…since he had his own child, why did he keep
eyeing her children and bringing them to his house?

Mrs. Lay saw Diana softening her stance, and knew that she had made the right move.

Many women end up letting their children become their Achilles’ heel the moment they become

A mother like Diana had invested too much of her emotions.

From enduring pregnancy over ten months to the excruciating pain during childbirth and to the labors of
raising children.

Throughout this entire process, some people become grandparents overnight and some men become
fathers overnight, but mothers play an irreplaceable role as the only ones who sacrifice and suffer so

Of course, there were women who did not love their own children.

Still, most women genuinely enjoy their role as mothers and are willing to do so. They gladly let their
darlings become their soft spot.

All mothers would risk everything to protect their child.

Although Diana messed up this time in her attempt to drive and threaten Julian and ended up not
achieving her goal of getting her children back, Mrs. Lay could fully understand Diana’s heart as a

Mrs. Lay seized the chance and went on, “Go back to the villa. If you go back, the children can happily
stay for a few more days. There’ll be many people around who can distract them from your injury.”

Everything Mrs. Lay said was what Diana minded the most.

She was almost moved to say yes.

Even so, she still felt inevitably resistant toward the idea.

She had no right to stay in that place. What would be the meaning of her moving in?

What’s more…

Julian was the culprit for everything that happened in the first place.

She did not forget that.

Although Diana persisted in her refusal, she took a step back. “I won’t go. But if the twins want to stay, I
will let them.”

Since she couldn’t take good care of them in her current state, she would spend some money to hire a
nanny to go over and take care of them for a period of time.

Given the amount of savings she had accumulated thus far, doing so wouldn’t be difficult for her.

Mrs. Lay knew her persuasion thus far was not effective and gave her last shot. “Aren’t you afraid that
your twins’ hearts will break upon seeing your injury?”

Indeed, Diana was afraid of that.

Her body was covered with antiseptic lotion, and she looked very much like a patched-up doll.

There was a minor fracture on her right arm, which was in a cast right now.

There were also various swells and bruises all over her body, from head to toe.

She looked like she had regained her chubby figure once more, as if she didn’t lose the weight she did

Diana really didn’t want her twins to see her like that.

Still, she could not stand the thought of letting the twins stay by themselves at Julian’s place.

Diana thought about it before saying, “It’s fine. If I don’t call or meet them for too long a period, they
would be equally worried. They might start to panic and feel lost.”

She knew her own children the best.

No matter how much they were greedy for food and fun, she was sure that the twins would miss their

Since there was no perfect arrangement for the twins, why not believe in them, believe that they would
be able to deal with seeing her injured?

However, the unexpected happened.

When Diana called the twins, Betty’s originally swollen and red eyes became even more so the
moment she saw Diana’s face.

However, tears refused to fall.

It seemed she had been shocked stiff.

She simply blinked dazedly at Diana.

At that moment, Diana regretted her actions.

Diana immediately shifted the camera away from herself, cleared her throat, and tried to dismiss the
bruises and bumps on her body, “Mommy had too much to eat today and became fat again. Don’t you
like to see Mommy round and chubby?”

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