Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 797

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Diana shook off the image from her mind. “Do the twins know about my accident?”

“They don’t.” Mrs. Lay then tried to speak up for Julian, “Sir was afraid the twins might be in shock if
they found out, and didn’t want them to know about it so soon for fear that they might cry and ask to
come to the hospital. Germs are everywhere here, so it’s not good for them to come.”

Diana didn’t expect Julian to be so thoughtful.

Are men with children, like him who took care of Doreen before, indeed different from men without

For some reason, the thought of him having children and a partner-perhaps even more than one-made
her feel stuffy.

Mrs. Lay saw Diana fall silent and went on, “Don’t worry. Sir said what he said before about not letting
you see the children were angry words. He regrets saying them very much.”

Mrs. Lay dipped a cotton bud in water and wet Diana’s lips with it, then helped her get dressed. “So he
wants to invite you to stay in the villa after your wounds are treated.

Firstly, there are more people in the villa who can look after you and it’ll help with your recovery.

Secondly, both you and the children will be happy being together.”

Diana was shocked. “What about Kiki?”

Wouldn’t that woman get jealous?

Kiki Stewart?

Mrs. Lay stood stunned for a moment before recalling who the lady was.

She was the one who always delivered medicine to Julian, and she would always bring a little girl with

Her father used to treat Julian. Subsequently, Julian gave their family 45 million dollars as
compensation for treating his condition.

When it happened three years ago, this was sensational news.

Everyone said that the Stewarts weren’t healing and saving patients, but earning buckets of gold.

Ever since then, the Stewarts and the Fulchers hardly came into contact.

That was especially so with Kiki, whom Julian wouldn’t meet aside from her usual medicine delivery.

He seemed to be avoiding her vehemently.

So much so that Mrs. Lay almost didn’t remember her existence.

‘What right does she have to stay in the villa?”

The villa was a gift from Julian to Diana when they got married, and it was meant to be their home after
they got married.

It was just that Diana had too much pride and refused to put the house under her name.

However, everyone knew that this villa belonged exclusively to Diana Winnington.

Diana was its rightful mistress.

Mrs. Lay could let what happened with Kayla Winnington pass, because that was when Julian was still
confused about his feelings and brought her to stay in the villa for a few nights.

Aside from Kayla, Julian had never let any other woman stay the night in the villa.

Even the number of women who have stepped through the entrance of the villa could be counted with
two hands.

Diana didn’t feel comfortable with what she heard.

Kiki had birthed a child for Julian, yet people who served Julian spoke about her in such disdain.

Yet, why did he treat her so well?

He saved her…

Perhaps he didn’t want her getting into a huge car accident in his car and affecting the lives of others,
thereby destroying his reputation in Richburgh.

Diana couldn’t overthink things.

She also shouldn’t be overthinking things.

He was Simon’s brother, after all.

And Simon had just confessed to her about his feelings.

If she were to have so much as an ounce of feelings for Julian, it would be too indecent and heartless
of her!

She bore with the pain from the doctor applying medication on her wound and gritted her teeth. “I won’t
go. After they’re done treating my wound, I’ll bring my children back to our own home.”

Lest Simon misunderstand her when he found out.

Although she wouldn’t say yes to Simon, she didn’t want to do anything to hurt his heart.

What’s more…

She felt more shaken and moved by Julian.

To put it in another way, she didn’t have any feelings for him.

How could she possibly have feelings for such a domineering, cold and unreasonable man?

Plus, he was the culprit of that car accident.

Shouldn’t he have the obligation to save her?

The best thing she could say about him was that he had a conscience.

Mrs. Lay looked at her, clearly looking as if she was being put in a difficult spot. “What should we do?
Betty said the dumplings she had last night tasted delicious and that she wanted more. Sean felt very
happy and carefree staying the night in his room. For a quiet boy like him, he even took the initiative to
ask a servant for water.”

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