Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 795

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If Madam Fulcher were still alive, Mrs. Lay wondered what she would think and whether she would still
favor Diana as her granddaughter-in-law.

Unfortunately, Madam Fulcher was no longer around.

Mrs. Lay sighed. “I hope Madam Fulcher didn’t misjudge her. It

Then, she urged Julian, “Sir, you should return quickly. If the children wake up, remember not to tell
them about Madam’s condition. I’ll bring Madam back to the villa once she wakes up and we’ve treated
her wounds.”

Diana’s wounds needed proper care to prevent infection. With this arrangement, Julian should be

He nodded in agreement. “Alright. If you persuade her to come back home, she might not resist.”

The matter was settled just like that.

Julian’s forehead wound was easily treated, in which the doctor stitched it in no time. To avoid scaring
the children, he deliberately let his hair fall and cover his forehead.

This softened his usually stern demeanor significantly.

Sean was momentarily stunned when he saw Julian, while Betty reached out and touched his face
directly, “Are you Uncle Julian?”

Seeing the innocent gaze and angelic faces of the children, all his fatigue disappeared. Julian sat on
the couch and smiled at Betty.


“Wow!” Betty opened her mouth wide, seemingly amazed. After hesitating for a while, she occasionally
glanced at her brother. When she noticed Sean had turned his head away, she gave Julian a thumbs-
up and said, “You’re so handsome! rt

If he wasn’t Doreen’s father, Betty would still want him to be her daddy.

But… Diana wouldn’t agree.

He had made Diana cry.

When Betty thought about Diana, she suddenly remembered their situation. She lowered her eyes and
pursed her lips, her expression turning gloomy instantly.

“Mommy! I want to call Mommy!”

It has been a whole night.

She could talk to Diana now.

Julian felt troubled by Betty’s request.

“Betty…” He approached her awkwardly, wanting to comfort her by picking her up.

However, she avoided him, saying, Don’t.”

She sobbed, “Don’t.”

He had held Doreen.

She didn’t need him to hold her.

She wanted her mommy.

She wanted to see her mommy!

“Please don’t cry.” When she started crying, it reminded Julian of Diana before him, and his heart
clenched tightly.

However, Betty ignored him.

That was just how she was.

When she couldn’t get what she wanted, she liked to solve it by crying.

When she realized that crying was effective on Julian, she liked doing it even more.

Children were clever.

Although young, they could read people’s expressions and understand how to manipulate them.

Julian anxiously crouched beside her and tried to explain.” You cant talk to Mommy right now.”

Betty heard the words and asked, “Why?”

He couldn’t possibly tell the two children that their mother had gotten into an accident trying to see

The fact that they would possibly hate him aside, he mainly didn’t want them to worry.

He definitely didn’t want them to see Diana, who was covered in bruises and hadn’t been treated yet. If
he took them to the hospital, it might scare them.

But Julian couldn’t think of a suitable reason at the moment, so he could only say, “She hasn’t woken
up yet.”

As soon as Sean heard that, his expression changed immediately. “How do you know Mommy hasn’t
woken up?”

Diana never overslept.

Usually, Diana had already prepared breakfast forthem by the time they woke up.

Although Mommy’s cooking…wasn’t exactly great.

Breakfast especially never tasted as good as lunch or dinner.

But every meal would be served hot, and they would eat until they were full.

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