Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 794

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Julian appeared like an angel, emerging from the vast sea of cars behind her against the backlight.

The light blurred his silhouette, but it did nothing to diminish his presence.

He was getting increasingly closer.

Meanwhile, Diana’s car was still speeding forward.

And Julian was the only one going against the flow of traffic.

He stood in front of the car, got into another vehicle, and resolutely blocked her path before her car
could continue recklessly crashing in no particular direction, successfully preventing her from
sustaining serious injuries.

Besides the time she gave birth to her children, this was the second time she felt hazy and heavy.

She felt like being submerged in water, weighed down into the depths.

When she gave birth, she was filled with joy and willingly endured the pain.

This time, it was fear and regret.

It was incomprehensible.


Why was he so good to her?

Why was he willing to risk his life to save her?

He got out of the car. There was a wound on his forehead, and blood trickled down his face. It slid
down his cheek and dripped onto her hand. The liquid was deep red, and it hurt her eyes to look at it.

“That’s great.” She heard him take a deep breath, his voice trembling as he shouted, “Quick, pull the
person out of the car! Leave the situation here to the police. Doctor! Get a doctor here!”

When his hand touched her fingertips, their souls seemed to tremble. It seemed like something in her
mind was about to burst out.

But she was so, so tired.

She didn’t have the strength to think anymore.

She could only let those things slip away quietly.

Then, with a puzzled look at him, she closed her eyes tightly.

When Julian carried her in his arms and ran towards the ambulance, his legs were weak. It seemed
everytime she encountered him, something bad happened.

In Stirling City, she had a simple and happy life.

Once she arrived at Richburgh and appeared before him, something would happen, like now.

If it weren’t for his decisive action to stop the car, no one could say what would happen to Diana when
the car she was in crashed into the endless stream of vehicles.

Even so, she still got injured.

If he hadn’t said those words or intentionally provoked her, would all of this have happened?

It had been three years.

He had been searching for her for three years, and finally, she appeared before his eyes.

Yet, he didn’t cherish it.

Julian deeply regretted it now. He felt as if someone had dug a hole and buried all his happiness in it.

Fortunately, her injuries weren’t severe. She was just heavily shocked and temporarily unconscious. As
for the external injuries she had sustained, they needed to be treated after she woke up to prevent
infection before she could be discharged from the hospital.

“Sir, you should go home and take care of the children,” Mrs. Lay said when she came to relieve Julian.
“I’ll stay with Madam. If the children wake up and don’t see anyone, they will definitely cry and make a
fuss. You should go back and comfort them.”

Julian couldn’t let go of the two little ones, but he couldn’t let go of Diana either. He blamed himself
severely for what had happened.

“Can I bring the children to the hospital?”

Mrs. Lay shook her head repeatedly and said, “No, sir, you’re not thinking clearly. This is their mother. If
they find out that she was hurt because of your words, what do you think will happen to the already
limited bond between you and the children?”

She felt sorry for Diana, but she also felt sorry for Julian. After all, Diana was the one who had
disappointed Julian first.

Mrs. Lay still had some reservations about Diana in her heart. Now that there were the children to
consider, Mrs. Lay hoped that Julian could make up for the lost three years and become a father they
would accept in their hearts.

Julian took Mrs. Lay’s words to heart, but he still didn’t want to leave.

Mrs. Lay understood his thoughts and sighed silently. “Do you not trust my presence here? Before
Madam Fulcher passed away, she was worried you would mistreat Ms.

Winnington. But in my opinion, why would you mistreat her? It’s obvious you’re treating her well.”

So many years had passed, and Mrs. Lay had never seen Julian lower his head like this. He didn’t
even hold Diana accountable for her mistakes. He even brought the children home when their identities
still needed to be clarified.

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