Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 793

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It was like petting cotton with her hand.

Just a touch made her feel like it would slip away from her fingertips.

“It’s Mommy.” Looking at their little faces, tears streamed down Diana’s cheeks.

And then came the long recovery period. But from the eighth day of her confinement, she started
carrying the two children around by herself.

Even the caregivers and postpartum nurses couldn’t bear to see it and told her to rest properly, or she
would suffer from postpartum illness.

But she didn’t want to.

She not only wanted to hold the children, but also had to breastfeed both of them at night and find time
to work during the day.

Only with enough money could she repay Simon and raise the two children.

As well as give them a carefree childhood.


When she lay in bed at night and dreamed, when she lowered her head and looked at the scar on her
belly, or when she was busy holding the two babies and neglecting other things, or when she couldn’t
help but yawn repeatedly, she couldn’t help but wonder: Who was the father of her children?

How old was he now?

Was he handsome?

Was he still alive?

Had he also lost his memory like her?

Otherwise, why didn’t he come to find her?

She had given birth to two adorable babies, but they were without a father.

Thinking about this hurt Diana deeply.

But the children were angels.

As they grew up, they were no longer just eating, sleeping, and crying. They responded to her words,
babbled, and gave her sweet smiles.

Diana felt that everything was worth it.

Whether that man existed or not, whether memories were lost or not, it seemed unimportant.

Her biggest mission now was running her business and raising the children well.

So, it didn’t matter who she married.

She was willing to do it if it was something beneficial to the babies.

Originally… She thought this way.

But Simon said that he had lied about liking men, and that the person he actually liked was her.

Those words disrupted everything.

And then, her babies were taken away by a strange and unjust man.

She cried out to the heavens, but received no response. She called out to the earth, but it didn’t

She was such an insignificant existence…to the point she didn’t even have her own memories.

She could only rely solely on her courage, of using her own life to threaten Julian so she could get her
babies back.

Yet, things didn’t go as she had planned.

She failed again.

And in such a foolish way, at that.

Foolish enough to not even know how to stop the car.

Her legs went weak. Her body felt like a pile of mud, slumping on the driver’s seat, staring blankly at
the continuous flow of vehicles ahead.

Car horns were blaring everywhere.

She couldn’t even open her eyes, due to the lights of various vehicles shining in her face.

She was about to die.

What could she do?

She could only reach out and touch the scar on her stomach.

That was the initial connection between her and her babies.

If she died, she would turn into a star in the sky to watch over them.

She only hoped the man would take good care of her babies, considering she was sacrificing her life
for them.

Otherwise, she would haunt him everywhere he went!

But as death approached and she watched the car about to directly collide with the congested vehicles,
speeding at a destructive pace, she wondered…

Why did Julian’s face appear before her?

That domineering, unfamiliar, and cold-hearted man!

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