Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 792

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Diana was an amnesiac.

Before she died, she could only recall the most vivid moments in the past three years.

She still remembered how her whole body had been stripped naked while giving birth. At first, she was
embarrassed when facing so many doctors in her state of undress. Later, when they covered her body
with a green surgical gown, her mind miraculously calmed down.

By then, she was already experiencing contractions. Lying on the operating table, she grimaced in

She asked the doctor if a cesarean section would be more painful than contractions. The
anesthesiologist smiled and remained silent.

Only after inserting a long needle into her back did he reply,” No, you will fall asleep quickly.”

Sure enough, she quickly fell into a deep, unconscious sleep.

The pain disappeared.

Someone pricked her shoulder with a needle and asked if she could feel it.

She shook her head weakly. “No.”

“Doctor, I feel so sleepy.”

“If you want to sleep, then sleep.”

The anesthesiologist put away the needle, placed an oxygen mask on her, and told Diana gently, “Your
husband is waiting outside.”

She didn’t have a husband.

She didn’t have memories, either.

The person standing outside was the one who had been by her side since her amnesia. They were
good friends. He was also the person she trusted the most at the time.

But they weren’t a married couple, and Simon wasn’t the father of her children.

She wanted to explain to the doctor, but her head felt heavy, and in a daze, she lost the strength to
open her mouth.

The anesthesia was starting to take effect.

Soon, before she completely fell asleep, she felt a slight prickling sensation below her lower abdomen.

The doctor asked her, “Does it hurt?”

She parted her lips and softly said, “Not really.”

She guessed that the cesarean section was happening now.

She would soon meet her babies.

After that, it seemed like she had a very long dream.

Sometimes she was lying in a hospital bed, being pushed around. Sometimes, she heard the sound of
wheels rolling by her ears, and sometimes doctors shouted, asking others

to make way. She could also freely move about the various hospital rooms, overlooking the patients
lying in their beds.

And then, suddenly, her belly felt empty. She couldn’t help but take a deep breath. In a dazed state,
she heard a loud cry.

It was her baby!

She wanted to open her eyes and look, but her eyelids felt too heavy. She closed them again.

Immediately after, another cry sounded. It was the other baby that received a slap from the doctor.

The cries of the two babies sounded different.

In her hazy state, Diana wondered, were they boys or girls?

The doctor seemed to guess her thoughts and loudly exclaimed, “Congratulations! You have a boy and
a girl!”

Diana’s heart eased completely.

Her babies were born.

She had actually given birth to two little people, but the price she paid was so painful. Her body had
transformed, with excess flesh and stretch marks covering her waist. The thought of admiring herself in
the mirror never crossed her mind anymore.

The incision from the cesarean section was also unbearable in terms of pain, especially when she tried
to stand for the first time.

She paled instantly once she got to her feet.

She remembered Simon being extremely nervous and calling for the doctor, saying that someone in the
ward was about to faint.

When the doctor came over and saw the situation, he said,” What a fuss! All women who give birth are
like this! If you can’t bear the pain of natural childbirth, you have to endure the pain of a cesarean
section. Endure it! Make an effort to practice walking. The steadier you walk, the faster you’ll recover.”

There was no time to feel sorry for herself, and Diana deeply remembered the latter half of the doctor’s

She still had two babies waiting for her to take care of. She couldn’t rely solely on Simon. He had
already helped her too much, even paying for the caregivers to look after her and the children.

He was even at the hospital every day, helping to care for her.

“I’m fine.”

With a pale face, she started to move gradually around the ward until she felt some strength returning
to her legs.

Only then did she go to see the two babies.

“Mommy can stand steady now.” She looked at the babies lying in the cribs. “Mommy’s here to see

She reached out and touched their little hands gently.

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