Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 791

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Diana took a deep breath, and jumped onto Julian’s car.

It was a sports car.

She didn’t know how to operate it.

As soon as she got in, she accidentally stepped on the accelerator, and the car zoomed past Julian like
an arrow.

“Diana!” Julian waved his hands vigorously, running towards her as fast as he could, shouting, “Stop!
The brakes! Step on the brakes!”

The car was going too fast.

She could hardly see his figure anymore.

She was terrified.

Her hands fumbled on the controls haphazardly, but the car accelerated even faster.

It even made a buzzing sound, and the windshield wipers wildly swished back and forth, almost
shaking the front and rear glass.

Maybe she had accidentally touched something, which caused the car to malfunction.

At first, she planned to threaten him with her life.

In spite of that, threats were just words. She hadn’t intended to be so foolish as to risk her own life by
driving recklessly!

She would never forget the day she gave birth to her babies.

In addition to being her own person, she was also a mother.

Her children were still in the hands of this strange and unfamiliar man. How could she let herself die

As the thoughts raced her mind, the car was still speeding forward uncontrollably.

The headlights were now on.

There were vehicles ahead. People honked sharply to remind her to turn off the high beams, but Diana
didn’t know how to operate the car. The more she tried, the more chaotic things became.

The car was weaving through traffic like a twisted snake, and she couldn’t find a chance to turn around
and go back to CoIlina Villa on the wide road.

The further she went into the city, the more crowded it became.

If she continued like this, she would definitely have an accident.

Some people were now rolling down their car windows and cursing at her.

Diana wanted to stop, but she couldn’t.

The sudden turn of events had completely paralyzed her feet. They were stuck on the accelerator,
unable to move.

She knew her current actions were foolish, but her brain wasn’t functioning properly in such a life-or-
death situation.

Every part of her body seemed frozen, and she only saw blankness ahead of her.

She was probably the first person to be stupid enough to kill herself by accident.

Why did she have to touch this car?

She wasn’t capable enough to threaten Julian in the first place.

She felt sorry for her precious babies.

If only she could see them one last time before she died…

That would be so nice.

But it was impossible.

They were still asleep.

That was for the best.

They wouldn’t see her tragic death in this speeding car.

It wouldn’t scare them.

The neon lights ahead were becoming increasingly numerous.

Even in the late night, this city was packed with pedestrians and vehicles.

All the scenes flashed before her eyes like a video.

There was a moment when these scenes seemed to overlap with something, but the image in her mind
was fleeting, and she couldn’t grasp anything.

And at that moment, the navigation system blared sharply,” Attention! You are over the speed limit.
Please stop in a timely manner. Attention! The road ahead is congested. Please stop in a timely
manner. Please stop in a timely manner!”

She couldn’t stop.

She wished she could.

If she could stop, she would definitely slam on the brakes.

No one loved their precious babies more than she did.

Especially when it came to this kind of permanent separation.

But right now, even if there were police cars chasing behind and so many vehicles blocking the road
ahead of her…


Couldn’t stop.

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