Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 789

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“Wait here,” the maid said as she hurriedly put away her cleaning tools. She was about to sprint
downstairs to fetch the water, but Sean stopped her.

“Carry,” he said.

He wanted the maid to carry him downstairs with her.

The maid was flattered. She hurriedly washed her hands and picked up Sean before carefully bringing
him downstairs.

With that, Sean took advantage of his time to pull the maid’s hair that was stuck to her clothes. Afraid
he would be discovered for his ulterior motives, Sean took a few sips of water. When he returned to his
room, he immediately switched the hair Julian had left in the bag in his room.

After that, he climbed into the crib again.

Only then did he sleep peacefully.

When Julian came in, Sean was already deep in sleep.

“Is that the kid?” Vans said, wanting to look at the child. However, he was waved away.

“He’s asleep. Get out.”

Vans couldn’t help but taunt Julian as he looked at the child. “What if he’s not yours?”

Julian had a good idea about it, so he retorted, “How is that possible? I have a strong hunch that they

Sean and Betty were definitely his.

Essentially, he simply didn’t want to believe that Diana would betray their relationship.

Vans’s smile faded.

Nina was probably thinking the same as Julian when it came to this.

In the end, everything needed to be concluded. They also needed to wait for the DNA report results.
More than anyone else, Vans would also like to see that Julian got what he wanted.

At least this way, Vans wouldn’t need to see Julian, who acted like a walking dead before Diana
reappeared in his life.

After Vans left, Julian called Noel.

“Did you call because Diana wanted to talk to the kid?” That was why Julian assumed Noel had called
repeatedly, but he had no intention of letting Diana get her way and hadn’t rushed to return the call
because of that. “Tell her they’re already asleep and wait for tomorrow if she wants to talk to them.”

“Sir!” Noel couldn’t cut in until now. “Please stop! Madam has gone to the villa!”

Noel sounded upset as he continued, “I’ve been unable to reach you. Madam, she…she knelt on the

Diana had knelt?!

A wave of vicious dizziness washed through Julian’s mind.”

Why did she kneel to you?”

Noel quickly told Julian what happened. “Ms. Winnington said you wouldn’t return her children, so she
would go and take them home herself.”

Julian had mentioned something like that, but he had intended to wait for the DNA test results to come
out before getting Diana to stay with them at the villa.

The children wouldn’t need to go anywhere, much less have the chance to see Simon, who annoyed

But now, Noel said that Diana had dropped to her knees because of it.

She even ran out of the neighborhood barefooted.

Julian’s hands shook slightly. “Where is she?”

“I’m following her,” Noel replied helplessly. “She doesn’t trust me anymore and insists on looking for
you at the villa.”

“Keep an eye on her,” Julian said. Then, he took a deep breath.

He never imagined that such a casual remark would drive Diana to such a state.

So, there wasn’t a single shred of trust left in her toward him. She thought he would hurt Sean and
Betty, and even forbid her from seeing her children for the rest of her life.

Was it guilt?

If it wasn’t, how could things have gotten to this point?

Julian suddenly lost confidence in the results of the DNA test.

There was even a moment when he considered asking Vans to bring back the sample.

On second thought, things needed closure.

It would be better to wait patiently.

When the results were out, he would be able to talk to Diana peacefully.

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