Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 788

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Julian was afraid the noise might disturb Sean, so he quickly answered the call and spoke softly, “I’m
fine. I just had to tell Sean a few bedtime stories before he slept, so my throat is sore.”

Vans was surprised. “Bedtime stories?”

Did bedtime stories cause one to have a sore throat?

“Those kids are torturers, huh?”

Julian was upset when he heard Vans’s words. After all, he had always been a protective man.

“I wanted to let Betty torment me, but Sean didn’t let it happen. He said Betty was a girl, and he was
vehemently guarded against me when it was bathtime.”

“They’re kinda young to be gender-conscious, aren’t they?” Vans mused, somewhat impressed with the
two children.

“Of course not,” Julian said. “Did you forget who their parents are?”

Vans didn’t sound like he was inclined to forgive Diana anytime soon, even though he had been friends
with her.

Three years ago, Diana left without a word. She didn’t tell anyone-not even Nina-that she was back.

Even Nina was angry at Diana, and refused to meet her.

But Julian, that jerk! Not only had he rushed to see Diana, but he even brought home the two children!

Vans couldn’t hide the disappointment he felt toward Diana. “Julian, have you ever thought that the two
kids might not be yours?”

In fact, Julian once did.

But Sean looked so much like him as a child.

It was only later in life that once Julian grew up and matured that the boyish features gradually faded,
and he became what he looked like now.

Vans understood his friend. “That’s why you took them away. You wanted to get DNA samples and

Also, Julian could use this test to check if Diana had betrayed him or not.

“Come on in,” Julian said, not responding to Vans’s statement, which implied his agreement. “They’re
asleep, and I’ve already got their hair for the test.”

He and Vans were so lost in their conversation that Julian missed the small movements behind him.

It was Sean who had gotten out of bed.

He hadn’t fallen asleep.

Diana wasn’t by his side, and Sean didn’t know if she was crying alone or if she had eaten properly
while away from them.

With those thoughts in mind, how could Sean sleep?

Earlier, when he had asked Julian to tell him bedtime stories, it was also revenge on him for Diana and
for taking Betty’s phone away.

Unexpectedly, it gave him a chance to hear Julian’s conversation on the phone.

When he heard Julian talking about the DNA test, Sean got out of bed on his bare feet, not bothering
with his socks.

Betty mentioned that Julian had his own children.

But now, the man wanted Sean and Betty to be his?

Diana had said she would come forthem, but Julian didn’t allow it and even hung up the call on her.

Was he and Betty never going to see their mother again?

When Sean thought of this, tears welled up in his usually indifferent eyes. With reddened eyes, he
peeked into the bag Julian had left.

The hair from his sister and him that Julian mentioned should be inside there, right?

No matter who their real father was, Sean couldn’t allow a bad guy like Julian to be their daddy!

Not even if there was a one in a million chance that it was true!

Sean had already decided that Simon was going to be their father, and was simply waiting for Diana
and Simon to get married.

Holding back his tears, he slid on a cold look and quickly walked down the hallway.

“Hello,” he said as he rubbed his eyes, looking at the maid who was cleaning the place. “I’m thirsty.”

He looked adorable.

Julian had personally brought back the child and taken good care of him. Not only that, the boy was
looking at her with a cute, handsome, and confused face-it was impossible the maid wouldn’t be
mesmerized by him.

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