Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 787

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Thinking about Diana, Sean couldn’t help but feel his mood drop again.

How could Julian snatch him and Betty away from their mother? How could the man forbid Diana from
coming after them? How could Julian stop Betty from having a video call with Diana?

Continuous questions piled up in Sean’s mind, and he committed everything he had seen to memory.

When Sean thought about how Diana was alone at home while he and Betty were living in such a nice
house, an overwhelming sense of sadness surged in him.

His heart ached for his mother.

After showering, he wore his new robe and lay on the bed. After listening to Julian read a few lines of
the story, Sean said, “That’s not right.”

“Which part?” Julian was confused. He was reading from his phone word-for-word.

There was no way it could be wrong.

“Your voice is wrong,” Sean said disgruntledly. “There’s more than one person in this story.”

He meant that Julian should change his voice to play different characters when he told the story.

Wasn’t that an easy feat?

When reading out an old man’s part, Julian pitched his voice lower to sound older.

Sean calmly said, “You’re not a grandpa.”

Julian was speechless from the critic. He made his voice hoarser and tried a few more words before
asking, “How was that?”

Though Sean’s brows were furrowed, he stopped commenting.

Julian couldn’t help but sigh in relief before continuing the story. But when he reached the part where
the character was a teenager, Sean commented again, “You don’t sound like a big brother.”

Sean meant that Julian didn’t sound childlike enough. He didn’t sound as young as the boy in the story.

Julian was practically drenched in cold sweat now. It was just a bedtime story! Why was the child so

Julian was the dignified CEO of Fulcher Inc., and he had done many things throughout his life. How
could he be overwhelmed by a bedtime story?

It was only natural that dissatisfaction crept up in him as he asked, “Does your mommy act out every
single character when telling you a bedtime story?”

Sean raised an eyebrow but remained silent. He simply continued staring at Julian without a word.

Time ticked by slowly, but Sean didn’t close his eyes to sleep. He was staring at Julian unblinkingly.

It was almost ten at night, and sleeping late wasn’t good for children’s brain development.

Finally, Julian lost the battle of stares and said, “I got it. Your mommy is the best.”

With that, Sean finally averted his eyes, shifted to find a comfortable position, and settled down in bed.

On the other hand, Julian picked up his phone. He cleared his throat and tried his best to perfectly
mimic the characters’ voices in the story.

After going through a few stories, the last story they were on was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,
which Sean had requested.

Not only did Julian need to imitate a female’s voice, but he also needed to sound like a princess.

At the same time, he needed to come up with seven different voices for the seven dwarfs.

By the time he reached the end of the story, Julian could feel how sore his throat was. There was even
a moment when the man wanted to ask Sean if he had deliberately picked this story to make Julian

Otherwise, why would a boy like this story so much?

But when he looked down, Sean was already fast asleep.

Sean’s long eyelashes fluttered as he slept, and Julian’s frustration disappeared at the adorable sight.

So, this was what it felt like to gaze upon one’s own child — his whole life seemed to have been
enriched by this small presence.

Never mind.

With a little girl in the house, Diana must have accommodated Betty a little more when she told bedtime
stories. If Sean was used to listening to it, it wasn’t surprising that he could only fall asleep after hearing

After all, Sean was just a little boy. Julian doubted he would have such thoughts of doing things to
punish Julian.

Even when Julian had spoken to Sean about Oracle Club and offered the resources to him, Sean was
completely oblivious. The boy even rated how smart Julian was based on whether he could memorize

bedtime stories.

He was definitely mindful and smart, but there was a limit to how much he could do at this moment
because of his young age.

Julian stared at Sean a little longer before pulling the comforter slightly higher. He made sure the
windows in the room were closed, turned off the lights, and left a nightlight on for Sean.

When he was about to exit the room, his phone lit up with a call from Vans.

Vans was here.

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