Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 786

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Sean naturally wouldn’t lecture Julian the way Betty attempted to do. In his opinion, it was a bit silly.
Only Betty could do that. So, he wrote down the words on a piece of paper instead.

But Betty couldn’t read, and she couldn’t pronounce the words Sean had written for her.

Julian immediately understood. Betty could only speak, not read. He couldn’t help but find it amusing.

Betty immediately puffed up her chubby cheeks, looking like an adorable angry chick.

Julian had no experience in soothing children. Nervous, he hurriedly handed her everything within

However, Betty didn’t even look at them. She pouted and said sadly, “I miss Mommy again…”

Her words meant she wanted a video call with Diana.

Julian was still upset with Diana, so he naturally disagreed.” It’s not yet time for the next video chat. I’ll
take you upstairs for a bath first.1′

Betty didn’t want to go, but Sean moved. So, she followed her brother upstairs.

Fulcher Manor had a wooden structure, and when they stepped on the stairs, it made creaking sounds.
Betty’s attention was easily diverted, and she treated the stairs as a new toy. She went up and down,
clearly having a great time playing.

Meanwhile, Sean stood in the middle of the stairs like a wooden log, as if guarding against Betty
suddenly falling down.

“You’re afraid she might fall, so you’re using yourself to cushion her, just in case?”

Sean didn’t even blink and answered, “Yeah.”

This kid… He really cares about his sister.

Seeing the harmony between the siblings, Julian was also pleased. He didn’t have siblings when he
was young. When he grew up and found out he had a younger brother, it was simply evidence of his
father’s affair.

Because of that, he couldn’t rejoice in having a sibling.

Now, he loved seeing the interactions between Sean and Betty.

“Go ahead and play,” he said, looking at Betty.

Without scolding Sean for his whimsical idea of using his own body as a buffer in case Betty fell, Julian
stood on a step behind Sean.

“You hold onto your sister, and I’ll hold onto you,” Julian said. Then, he placed his strong arms on
Sean’s back.

Sean immediately felt like he had something to rely on-it was a feeling he had never experienced when
he was with Diana. He felt as if there was a mountain behind him, and nothing would go wrong even if
it were to fall.

But this man…he liked to bully Diana.

Sean pursed his lips tightly and remained silent. Julian didn’t say much, either. The two silently
watched Betty as she went up and down the stairs. They continued like this for half an hour until she
was covered in sweat from playing so much. Only then was she willing to continue upstairs to take a

“Stinky,” she said, holding up her own clothes to Sean.

Sean gave her a rare smile and said, “Not stinky.”

Betty liked it when people praised her for smelling good. If someone said she smelled bad, she would

This was another form of tenderness Sean showed her as her older brother. Julian observed
everything, and couldn’t stop himself from touching Sean’s head gently to express his fondness for the
boy’s actions.

However, Sean suddenly straightened up rigidly, glaring at Julian like an angered little lion cub.

They stared at each other In the narrow hallway, as if in a showdown.

Just as Julian thought he should speak up, Sean suddenly said, “You’re not allowed to bathe my sister.”

Julian then realized Sean was guarding her like a grown man. At such a young age, he already had a
lot on his mind.

Julian couldn’t help but ask, “What’s your IQ? Have you been tested?”

Sean shook his head. Diana had once mentioned taking him for a test, but he didn’t think it was
necessary. He thought playing with toys at home would be a better way to utilize his time than taking a

Besides, even without a test, Sean knew he was slightly different from other kids.

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