Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 784

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Was Diana cursing Julian just because he refused to admit that Simon was his brother?

How unabashedly partial!

Was she acting so unrestrained because he hadn’t gotten angry?

Julian’s patience had reached its end. His black eyes were as cold as ice as he gazed at her.

“Diana, answer my question!”

Diana remained silent.

It seems she had decided not to speak.

Julian stared at her. “Feeling guilty?”

Diana didn’t understand. “Guilty about what?”

The kind of question he asked didn’t even warrant a response from her.

She had no obligation to answer him!

“If you insist on an answer, then send the two little ones to me now,” Diana said after thinking for a

“That’s impossible.”

He had already decided. Once he confirmed their identities, he wouldn’t let them return to Diana to
have any contact with Simon.

“They won’t go back in the future.”

Upon hearing this, Diana’s expression instantly changed.

What did Julian mean by that?!

Hadn’t he taken the children away just to play, like his assistant had told her?

Initially, she hadn’t believed the man. But later, the children looked and sounded fine, so she believed

However, Julian was currently implying that he didn’t want to give the children back to her anymore. By
the time she looked up, Julian had already ended the video call.

She tried calling back, but no one answered.

Julian held the phone. He looked at the unfamiliar number on it, lost in thought.

Three years had passed, and even her number had changed.

If he hadn’t taken Betty’s phone, he wouldn’t have known about this.

Diana had truly cut off cleanly from the past!

The thought made Julian even angrier, and he simply turned off the phone. Diana tried various
methods on her end, but she couldn’t contact the two children anymore.

In that instant, her blood pressure surged and she nearly passed out. Luckily, she still had the strength
to deal with this. Immediately, she rushed out of the room like a madwoman.

Noel, at this moment, was still blocking the doorway like a wall.

“Don’t worry, the children will be fine,” he tried to persuade her. “Just wait a little bit. They’ll be back.”

They were all liars! Liars!

She shouldn’t have believed him! She shouldn’t have given up chasing Julian’s car!

But now, Julian had taken the children, and Noel was still blocking her door.

Diana fell to her knees, kneeling straight down before Noel.

“Please,” she said through gritted teeth, her eyes bloodshot and frightening, “Let me go find them!”

She couldn’t just give up her children. She couldn’t possibly stand idly by and do nothing!

On the contrary… If her babies needed her, she would risk her life! It was a pledge that had been
swirling in her heart like a mantra since the day she gave birth to them.

Noel was frightened, and couldn’t bear to see Diana kneeling before him.

Even worse, he couldn’t bear her request.

While trying to contact Julian, he pulled Diana. “Please get up first.”

Alas, Julian didn’t have time to answer the phone right now. The two little ones were pestering him at
the moment. He

didn’t even have time to take a sip of water.

Betty and Sean had finished eating, but neither of them had touched the last dessert that had been
served. Betty even earnestly lectured Julian about making too much food in the kitchen, and shook her
head as she spoke.

‘Everything in a plate of food is hard work! There’s a lot of eff…effo…”

She scratched her head and couldn’t help sticking out her tongue, looking at Sean with a mix of
embarrassment and anger when she couldn’t form the words.

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