Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 783

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“The way you look now…” Julian asked, “Have you shown Simon? Is he there with you? Why don’t I
see any men’s belongings in your house? Don’t you let him touch you?”

“Julian!” Diana hissed-she knew that even if he was good to the children, it was only temporary.

Ultimately, he didn’t have any sincere intentions.

First, there was the incident with Doreen. Now, he spoke without restraint in front of the children.

Julian hummed in response, as if he hadn’t heard the underlying anger in her voice. “Answer me first.”

He then realized it wasn’t appropriate to say these things in front of the children, so he obediently
moved farther away from the dining room.

Betty watched as the phone was snatched away-she had now lost the chance to talk with her mother.

Betty pouted. “Sean…”

Sean didn’t say anything, but his eyebrows furrowed. He raised his chin slightly to Betty and said, “Eat.”

Besides the nuggets, there were assorted seafood dishes on the table. The crabs had been carefully
selected for their meat. Some were placed on small plates, while others were made into soup-filled
meatballs. There was no need to poke them with a fork. Just a gentle shake of the small dish

would cause the plump meatballs to sway.

With one bite, their mouths were filled with the freshness of seafood and crab roe. Placed in the center
of the table were golden silk balls and imported Italian fresh milk pudding, which was already sufficient
to satisfy one’s hunger. If there were any more food than that, Diana would have said it was wasteful.

“But…” Betty whimpered, “Mommy…”

She hadn’t even had a chance to say a few words to Diana yet before that bad guy had taken the
phone from her.

“There will be another time,” Sean reminded, “let’s finish eating first.”

When Diana wasn’t around, the next person Betty obeyed was her brother. She quickly picked up her
utensils to stab a meatball. With a swift motion, she bit into it.

“So tasty!”

Although she had eaten meatballs many times before, never had she tasted ones this delicious! All the
other dishes were delicious too. The little animal-shaped nuggets were also delicious!

Betty focused on eating, quickly forgetting about Julian taking the phone away.

However, Sean couldn’t forget.

Julian not only bullied Diana, but he also took Betty and Sean away on purpose and didn’t let them
meet, which saddened Diana.

Julian also bullied his sister and snatched the phone. After finishing his meal, Sean sat on the stool,
waiting for Betty to finish eating. His dark eyes were fixated on Julian.

Diana was getting furious with Julian. She always felt like this man was constantly seizing the
opportunity to insult her.

“Do you really disregard the bond between you and Simon as brothers?”

“I already said we’re not brothers.”

Not to mention Simon’s origins, just looking at how he took Diana away from Richburgh, Julian would
never forgive him for the rest of her life!

His tone was too cold.

Diana was dumbfounded-she never expected Julian to be so resolute time and time again.

“Then why did you take Betty back home when you met her at the airport?”

Wasn’t it to test and meet her as his sister-in-law?

“Because she looks like you.”

Diana instantly understood. Betty looked like her, and she looked like Kayla. Julian’s ultimate goal was
still Kayla.

Thinking about Doreen and her mother, and even Simon, who Julian refused to admit as his own
brother, Diana’s impression of Julian worsened.

After holding it in for a while, she couldn’t help but curse,” You’re such a heartless and ungrateful man!”

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