Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 781

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Betty’s eyes were wide as hugged the dessert tightly in her arms. She lowered her head sheepishly
and took a bite.

After taking a bite, she realized something was wrong.

Wait… She actually ate something given by the bad guy!

Not only that! She was also holding a Barbie doll given by him in her arms!

Sean sighed helplessly at Betty and said, “Just eat.”

It meant he had given up resisting.

Julian’s attitude made it impossible for them to escape from his clutches.

“Every hour,” Sean said as he started giving conditions to Julian, “I want to have a conversation with


In fact, Julian also wanted to hear Diana’s voice.

It had been three years.

Not to mention seeing her face, just hearing her voice was a luxury.

For the reunion this time, they were always at odds with each other. Diana was as gentle and warm as
he remembered only when she was speaking to the two little ones.

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