Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 780

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Diana kept hurting him. This time, Julian didn’t want to explain things to her!

It was on account of the children that he even gave her a chance to talk to them over the phone.

He didn’t want the two darling children to hate him.

Sean looked at the blacked out phone, and his eyes widened in shock. He glared at Julian fiercely like
an angry little tiger.

Betty, on the other hand, yelled out loud. “You’re so dishonest!”

Honesty was a very important quality. Mommy told them the story of the cat and the mouse-the cat was
always untrustworthy, which angered the mouse so much that they eventually turned into enemies.

Right now, Julian was their enemy!

Betty’s angry tears were still hanging on her lashes, on the verge of falling the moment she blinked.

At the sight of her tears, Julian passed her a napkin. “Wipe them.”

Betty refused to take the napkin.

Instead, she turned her face away in a huff.

Still, his gesture stopped her from crying.

She probably knew that crying was of no use, and that Julian wouldn’t let them get out of the car and
return to Mommy.

Sean held on tightly to his sister’s little hand and looked defensively at Julian.

When they reached the entrance of a supermarket, he finally put both children down.

The two children continued refusing to talk to him.

They didn’t even look at him.

They didn’t want to cooperate with him and walk obediently into the supermarket.

Julian knew he was wrong today. All the more, he had to get on both of their good sides.

He launched his attack on Betty first, who was the easier target of the two. “Dolls. You can have as
many as you want.”

Betty’s eyes grew large.

She licked her lips, and snuck a glance at her cool brother.

“Robots, cars, toys, you can have as many as you wish,” Julian said to Sean.

Sean shook his head to show his refusal.

Unfortunately, his sister wanted a doll.

If he continued standing outside and not head in, Betty would be very disappointed.

So, he took a step forward and entered the supermarket.

The supermarket was open exclusively for members. Julian was a top-tier member and had access to
VIP treatment.

Therefore, he didn’t need to queue in the supermarket.

They went straight to the doll section.

There were so many dolls and so many little clothes and accessories that they could choose.

Betty was elated!

Her face broke into a happy grin despite the tear marks that were still on her cheeks.

Sean glanced at Julian, observing that his eyes were fixed on Betty and that he kept stuffing toys in her
hands. It made him lower his defense against Julian.

Diana often told them stories and taught them many things. When they were in Stirling City, she would
expose them to many different cultures and people.

Aside from Sean who was indeed smarter than many children, even Betty herself wasn’t just a silly girl
whose mind was just filled with dolls and princesses.

She had troubles and thoughts of her own, too.

When Julian crouched to find suitable toys for Sean at the bottom-most shelf, Betty suddenly pouted
and leaned into Sean’s ears, whispering, “He’s Doreen’s father!”

Doreen was the girl who scratched Betty’s cheeks.

Sean was insanely protective of his sister. No one else could bully Betty except for him!

He was, therefore, exceptionally sensitive toward the name Doreen.

His heart leapt to his throat at the mention of her name.

“But this Mr. Fulcher wants to be our daddy too!”

Betty heard the conversation between him and Mommy.

Had this happened in the past, she would have been in complete approval of it!

But now, she was really afraid that Julian would become their daddy.

“Mr. Channing is better.”

He wouldn’t let other children hurt Betty.

The thought of the wound on her face made Betty pout unhappily.

“I know.” Sean understood where his sister was coming from, and decided to find a chance to sneak
away and go back home to Mommy.

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