Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 779

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Julian shut Diana inside the room.

The children’s cries immediately sounded, like hammers against the wall. Thankfully, Julian was strong
enough to keep both of them under control.

Diana had rushed out of the room, her eyes bloodshot.

She glared at Julian like he was her greatest enemy.

There was no hint of trust and relief that Julian had expected.

Did he really have no relationship with these two children whatsoever?

When they were in Diana’s womb, he would frequently caress them, thinking that Aster and Star must
have come back for them.

But standing before him were one girl and one boy, not Aster and Star.

Even if they weren’t, he would love them as long as they were Diana’s children.

Yet, everyone denied that he was their father. Yet, when Julian saw Sean…

Others might be ignorant, but he knew.

If Julian were to compare Sean with his photos when he was a child, they had at least 50%
resemblance with each other.

Since his doubts couldn’t be verified, he had no choice but to opt for a DNA paternity test.

By then, the irrevocable proof he had would be more reliable than any other person’s claims.

“Mommy!” Betty’s heart-wrenching cries at being carried away resounded in the place as tears fell
down her cheeks.

Julian’s heart broke hearing her cries, but he hardened his heart and brought them into the car.

Sean, on the other hand, remained silent throughout the journey. The only thing he continued doing
was punching Julian as hard as he could for as long as his little hands could take it.

In just a while, Julian’s arm was all black and blue.

“Brat.” He looked at Sean’s petite face, and couldn’t help but smile.

Sean was smart, but there were times he was taken aback too. Right now, he found himself stunned by
Julian’s smile.

“rm hurting you,” Sean asked, confused. “Why aren’t you crying?”

He was still a two-year-old, after all. Julian burst out laughing. “Not only am I not going to cry, but I’m
even going to buy a gift for the two of you, to reward your sister for getting upset over Mommy crying so
badly, and to reward you for remaining calm in a crisis.”

“I don’t want a gift,” Sean said huffily, “I want Mommy!”

“I’m afraid I can’t give you what you want.” Julian fished out his phone and dialed Diana’s number. ‘ But
you can call Mommy and tell her that both you and Betty are fine, and that she shouldn’t worry.”

Sean pondered for a moment.

Very soon, he figured out that he had no other choice.

“Mommy,” he said. He could hear Diana’s heart-wrenching cries through the phone.

Julian’s heart trembled. No one could see how helpless he felt and how much pain his heart was in.

Truthfully, he didn’t want to do this.

Still, he had to take the two children away in order to be clear about what was happening.

Otherwise, given the situation earlier, Diana would doubt him even if he took just a strand of each of
their hair.

If she really was being threatened by someone else, she would have to continue lying about the
children’s birth.

If that were the case, he believed she would very likely try to switch out the DNA test report.

After all, everyone around Julian knew how precious she was to him.

If Diana instructed someone under the table, it might slip through the cracks and he might not find out
about it.

That was why he had to bring the children away.

He would bring the children back to her after the test was done.

Although Sean didn’t say much, his voice was crisp and clear. “Mommy, don’t worry.”

He explained his situation to Diana. “I hurt him, but he didn’t cry and get angry. He’s even going to get
a gift for us.”

Come to think of it, if it weren’t for Betty bumping into Julian by accident and being taken away by him,
Diana would have gotten married to Simon by now. If that had happened, Julian would have been both
children’s uncle.

The thought made the fear in Diana’s heart over Julian snatching her children away dissipate.

Given what just happened with Doreen, Diana wasn’t completely relieved. She wanted to look for her
children. ” Sean, pass the phone to Julian.”

Julian took his phone back.

Without even glancing at it, he hung up straight away.

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