Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 778

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Julian looked tenderly at Diana’s face.

Over the years, her figure had become fuller.

There was a motherly glow to her, which added to her graceful and dignified aura.

She was a mother of two.

Since she denied that she was being threatened by Simon, he wanted to ask her another question in
hopes that he could find out from her personally about the children. He surely had a right to know that.

Be it Kiki’s words or other people’s claims, he didn’t believe them all.

He only wanted her answer.

Finally, his thin lips opened as he asked the woman right before him with sincerity and a strong sense
of expectation, “Are Betty and her other half my children?”

That was the worst slander she had ever heard spoken of her!

Diana’s chest heaved as anger took over her upon hearing his words.

“Mr. Fulcher, please consider Simon’s feelings before saying such things!”

No matter what, Simon was still his brother.

How could he have designs on her, his sister-in-law to-be, and proclaim it so boldly?!

“By doing this, you’re simply letting Doreen’s mother and Kayla Winnington down!”

This man was a double-minded flirt who was cold and heartless to boot!

Diana looked at him as if she were looking at filthy trash. After taking a deep breath, she yelled,
“Please leave right now!”

As much as she wanted to know who her children’s biological father was, she would never be so
ridiculous as to think that Julian Fulcher might be him!

No matter how miserable she had been before she lost her memories, she couldn’t possibly have been
intimate with a man like him!

Julian didn’t understand what she said.


What does this have to do with Doreen and Kiki?

And Kayla…

Diana clearly knew how much he hated and despised Kayla after Grandma passed away, yet she
deliberately continued to mention her name again and again!

Anger started to rise in Julian’s chest.

The air around them began turning colder, like an overcast day where gray clouds started gathering.
One could almost cut the air with a knife.

“Are the children,” he asked Diana once more, his patience running thin, “mine or not?”

“No…” Before she could complete her sentence, she saw Sean walking out barefoot, displeasure
written all over his little face.

His eyes weren’t like Betty’s, which completely resembled Diana’s almond-shaped eyes.

He had a pair of charming and captivating eyes which, coupled with his slightly curly hair, made him
look just like a young starlet.

However, his temperament was neither soft nor adorable.

There was an inexplicable sense of maturity and cold aloofness that made him stand out from children
of his age.

At that moment, he was giving Julian a cold, unfriendly glare while holding a sleepy and bleary Betty by
the hand, standing protectively in front of her.

That sight…was way too familiar.

For a split second, Julian thought he was looking at his younger self.

Sean saw Julian staring back at him, and it made him even angrier. “Mommy told you to leave. Didn’t
you hear that?”

He took a few steps forward and plunked himself right before Diana as his childish tone gradually
became firmer and louder.


He was but a child slightly over the age of two.

Julian was rather shocked by Sean’s aura, and inevitably thought back on himself when he was a child.

Back then…

People used to say that he matured young.

Just like Sean right now, Julian always had a cold and cocky look on his face, as if he feared nothing
under the sun. He acted as if he were a giant instead of a child that he really was.

Diana was also glaring at him with furrowed brows. She and the two children stood in animosity toward

The feeling of being treated in such a hostile manner by the love of his life made Julian’s heart feel like
it was being pierced by needles.

He stared at Sean, who was standing right in front of Diana. Before Diana could react, he quickly
carried the twins in his arms and slammed the door shut.

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