Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 776

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Diana was flabbergasted.

She looked at Simon in disbelief. “What…what did you just say?”

“Everything I said is true.” After holding it in for so long, he finally dared to admit it, face up to his own
feelings, and declare his feelings for her. It brought a long-awaited relief to him. “I’ve liked you even
before you lost your memories.”

He shrugged. “It’s just that I stood no chance back then.”

He was speaking the truth. Before Diana lost her memories, she only had eyes for Julian. Bystanders
stood no chance of interfering in their relationship.

Diana was completely stunned.

So, what he was hiding from her was his feelings for her!

She had thought so badly of him…

She suddenly felt guilty and ashamed of herself.

“I’m not worthy of you liking me,” she said.

How could she doubt Simon just because of something a stranger said?

Doubt that he had an ulterior motive in staying by her side.

From what she could see now, Simon did have an ulterior motive, but even that was for her sake.

Simon could tell that Diana was still in a state of shock. He gave her a relaxed and magnanimous
smile. “Take your time to process that. I’m not in a rush to hear your response.”

He looked in the direction of the children’s room and promised Diana, “But as long as you’re agreeable,
I can be their father anytime you wish.”

Right after he said that, he left the apartment he had arranged for Diana.

Downstairs, he missed Julian’s car by a hair.

Julian could see Simon clearly through the rear view mirror; he neither got out of the car nor made his
presence known. He didn’t even throw Simon a couple more glances.

The look he shot Simon was as if he was looking at something as insignificant as an ant.

Simon had never been a threat to him in the past.

Not now, not ever.

The only threat lied in whether Diana loved him or not.

The only thing he cared about was whether Diana would betray love just like his father did.

Right now, he was going to ask her for an answer.

He headed upstairs and knocked on the door.

His knocks were very rhythmic, his lithe fingers hitting the door as if it were a graceful instrument. Even
the way he knocked on a door was outstanding.

Passers-by glanced at him, but they quickly looked down at their feet.

His commanding aura made them fear looking him straight in the eye.

Diana was still shocked to the core by Simon’s confession of love, and she felt even more lost upon
hearing someone knock on her door. Her heart was pounding.

She didn’t know how to reject Simon, and how to do so in a way that wouldn’t hurt him.

She knew very clearly that she didn’t have romantic feelings for Simon.

Now that the veil between them was torn, she was put in the most difficult spot.

She hesitated for a moment before finally opening the door.

She thought Simon must have forgotten something. “Why did you come back?”

Her face was still flushed from Simon’s confession, and Julian inevitably became furious. “What were
you and Simon doing in here just now?”

He demanded as he stalked right into the room.

Julian’s legs were so long that his strides almost spanned across the entire length of the hallway.

The air was quickly filled with his scent.

He was clearly invading Diana’s space without a doubt.

Her hair stood on end as she glared at him. “Julian Fulcher!”

‘What?” He leaned in toward her, his warm breath landing on her cheeks and his deep, dark eyes
grazing her face. “He can kiss you, but I can’t?”

Diana’s face became even more flushed.

She grit her teeth and shoved him away, hard. “What nonsense are you spouting?”

“What nonsense?” Julian gave a low chuckle with his head bowed, self-derisively yet sorrowfully and
with a distinct tone of possessiveness. “What do you think?”

His dark eyes were fixed on her increasingly flushed face as he brushed his fingers gently across her

It made her lips go numb and tingly and sent chills down her spine.

It was all too strange.


Felt taken aback, but not disgusted.

It was her body’s instinctive reaction.

She even…

Had to swallow her saliva.

A strong sense of shame and fury burned inside her. She found herself on the verge of tears, feeling
just like a trapped animal with nowhere to run. “Julian Fulcher…”

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