Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 774

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Simon’s heart skipped a beat.

His throat went dry and his lips turned stiff. “You…recall something?”

Ever since they returned from Stirling City, many of Simon’s behavior and expressions didn’t seem

Doubt flashed past Diana’s eyes, but she smiled as if everything was normal. “A little.”

How could that be?!

Simon’s fingers were trembling.

The hypnosis back then…was done by an expert hypnotizer whom Simon had to scour through many
contacts before finding him. Unless he hypnotized the person under hypnosis again to release her
locked-up memories, it was impossible for the person to regain her memories of her own accord.

That was also one of the reasons why Simon agreed to coming to Richburgh in the first place.

He was absolutely confident that he could keep Diana well within his web of lies and live there her
entire life.

However, everything seemed to be unraveling when Julian brought Betty home.

His mind was in a mess, and the tips of his fingers were turning numb. “Is that so? What do you recall?”

“Nothing much,” Diana replied vaguely as she evaded his eyes. It was her first time lying to Simon.
“Just minor stuff.”

What minor stuff, exactly?

Simon didn’t dare to ask further.

He simply repeated himself, “You suffered a terrible and painful past, Diana. If you regain those
memories, it’ll only make you feel terrible.” He started packing their luggage in his panic as he went on,
“Let’s head back to Stirling City.”

As long as they returned to Stirling City and were no longer triggered by their surroundings in
Richburgh, Diana surely wouldn’t be able to remember anything!

Ever since Diana left, Julian simply sat on the chair, not moving an inch.

There were just too many things that were wrong with Diana.

She talked about being a replacement again today.

She clearly knew how firm his feelings toward her were.

She clearly knew that it was impossible that she was Kayla’s replacement.

Yet, today, she talked about it again.

Diana couldn’t possibly be so dull as to believe something non-existent rather than really sensing the
feelings of his heart.

What exactly happened to her?

Would her sudden leaving with Simon three years ago have anything to do with this?

Meanwhile, Noel was timely in digging up information.

Julian’s mind was in utter chaos, and he hadn’t made sense of everything yet. It was a good time for
him to delve into the information that Noel had found for him.

He couldn’t identify any issues with the information.

Except for…

Simon who kept following her around like a ghost.

Julian stared at Diana’s name so hard until his eyes almost bled. His long fingers rubbed the side of the
document page as he spoke, “Noel, tell me. Why did Diana’s children take her name instead of
Channing’s? If Diana left me because of Simon back then, why is she still not yet married to Simon?”

Why did she wait for three years until the children are of age to go to school for the thought of marrying
him to come to mind?

Somehow, in the bewildering and mist-laden forest that Julian felt like he was stumbling in, he
managed to grab hold of a branch right before him.

“Does Diana…”

Really like Simon?

To the point of abandoning and leaving Julian just to elope with Simon to a tiny, unknown city?

If so, why did she take the initiative to walk back into the lion’s den and return to Richburgh?

Noel pondered for a moment. “Could it be that she had never considered herself to have done anything
wrong toward you?”

She had never done anything wrong toward him.

Could it be…

Three years ago, Diana left him only because she was threatened and left with no choice?!

Julian immediately rose to his feet, pushing his arm through his jacket as he walked on. “I’m going to
see Diana.”

He wanted to ask her face to face and confirm again what happened three years ago!

Otherwise, it didn’t make sense why she would suddenly mention herself being a replacement.

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