Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 772

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The moment she asked Julian the question, she immediately regretted it.

Julian was Simon’s older brother!

As much as she didn’t fancy Simon and Simon didn’t like her in that way, they were going to get
married in name.

But now, she was asking Simon’s brother such a strange question.

“I’m sorry.” Fear flashed past the depths of her eyes, one that stemmed from sensing that she had
stepped out of line.

That fear always surfaced more clearly whenever she faced Julian.

She didn’t understand why she felt this way toward Simon’s brother.

She could only instinctively hug Betty tighter, and leave as if she were fleeing for her life.

This time, Julian didn’t stop her.

He sunk into a chair and stared at Diana leaving in a hurry. His deep, dark eyes were as unfathomable
as the night sky and his brows were furrowed, as if deep in thought.

Diana didn’t go home straight away.

She was worried the wound on Betty’s face would leave a scar.

After all, she should be careful in this regard for Betty who was a girl.

She brought Betty to Richburgh’s most well-known and trusted Central Hospital.

She wasn’t in time to secure a consultation session and could only be admitted to the emergency

She had just gotten a number and opened the door to the consultation room when the doctor greeted
her warmly. ” Ms. Winnington, it’s been a while!”

Before she could respond to him, he looked at Betty and said, “You have a child already! Seems like
Dr. Channing doesn’t stand a chance any longer.”

Diana was stunned.

Not only because this doctor recognized her, but also because of what he said. “Dr. Channing?” she
repeated, confused.

Simon wasn’t well-versed in medicine and he had never been a doctor in his entire life.

“Why did you just call Simon Dr. Channing?”

“Simon?” The doctor furrowed his brows. “Who’s that? I only know Oliver Channing.” He added with a
smile, “I even borrowed his umbrella back when we used to work together in the emergency

Subsequently, he heard about a beautiful lady bringing an umbrella to Dr. Channing, and he
immediately understood why Oliver had been so anxious to stuff his umbrella to him.

From then on, Diana Winnington’s name was etched in his mind.

Oliver Channing…

Diana recited the name over and over again in her head. ” Are there many people by the name
Channing in Richburgh?”

“Richburgh is too huge, so I can’t say for sure.” The doctor coaxed Betty while treating her wound, and
looked at Diana doubtfully, “Why do you ask that?”

“No reason in particular.” Diana brushed her fingers through her hair uneasily, not wanting the fact that
she had lost her memories to become household knowledge. “It was just a casual question.”

“Oh.” The doctor didn’t think much of it. “Dr. Channing doesn’t come to the hospital anymore nowadays.
I heard he has officially taken over Channing Inc. and become the heir of his family business.” He joked
self-derisively, “Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, while I’m born to be on the

He spoke in a tone as if Diana was a familiar friend to him.

But Diana had completely no impression of him.

Not just him.

Her mind drew a blank at his mention of Oliver Channing.

It didn’t feel good to her.

The feeling of everyone knowing about your past but you’re the only fool who’s clueless.

For the very first time, the notion of regaining her memories came to her mind.

She carried Betty into a taxi, unlocked her phone, and casually searched for Oliver’s name. That was
when she realized the massive scale that Channing Inc. operated on.

Although it couldn’t be compared with Fulcher Inc., it had a sufficiently powerful presence in Richburgh.

Despite her skills which allowed her to gain success in her fashion design company in Stirling City and
thereby earn a living for herself and her children and bring them to Richburgh, Diana still saw herself as

So insignificant, she felt like no one would care or bother about her name.

Simon’s words proved that point.

She was someone whose own family didn’t even care about. What was the point in digging into her

But right now, reading through all the information regarding Oliver Channing on her phone, she
suddenly felt like if she could be in a good relationship with someone like him, she might not…be as
bad as she thought she was.

Who exactly was the biological father of her twins?

Was the truth not as horrible as she imagined it to be?

If she could find him, would he treat their babies very very well?

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