Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 771

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In fact, before Diana came, Julian did try coaxing Betty. Somehow, the more Julian tried to get close to
the girl, the harder she cried.

Betty’s cries were still increasing in intensity all the way till Diana came in.

But upon hearing Diana call him “Brother”, Julian immediately forgot about the worry that filled his heart
a moment ago.

His face turned cold once more. “Are you deliberately trying to make me uncomfortable?”

What did he mean?

She was already trying her best to control her temper and stop herself from flaring up in front of Betty,
for fear that she might scare her daughter.

That was what made her call Julian “Brother” through gritted teeth.

She was trying to remind herself of Simon and Julian’s blood relation.

Instead of appreciating her efforts, Julian even accused her of deliberately making him feel

Was he crazy?

Diana was so furious and decided he wasn’t worth her time talking to. She ignored him and carried
Betty in her arms before marching right for the door. “We’ll be off.”

What right did she have to behave like this?

What right did Diana have to act so righteously in front of him after letting him down on so many

What right did she have to be so angry just because her daughter was crying?

Julian took a deep breath, his chest feeling so constricted because of her, and yelled out loud, “If you
dare leave, I promise you, Betty Winnington will not be accepted by any kindergarten in the whole of

Diana paused mid-step.

She took a deep breath as her brows furrowed. She hated people threatening her with her darlings.

Right now, not only did Julian cause Betty to get hurt, but he even did what she hated the most!

“Julian Fulcher, I used to respect you as Simon’s elder brother, which was why I tolerate you again and
again.” She turned around and looked at him like he was a stranger. “But from now on, I’ll treat you like
a stranger and nothing more.”

As for her getting married to Simon, she couldn’t care less whether he agreed to it or not.

Whatever it is, she didn’t want to be involved with this man one single bit!

‘Treat me like a stranger?” Julian burst out laughing as if he had heard the funniest joke in the entire
world. “Diana Winnington, I can’t believe you just said that.”

She had let go of their past so easily.

“Why not?” Diana found this man strange beyond belief.

She wasn’t his Kayla Winnington.

Simon mentioned that he probably took her as a replacement.

But he couldn’t just keep thinking that she was Kayla, could he?

The thought of being a replacement made her chest feel stuffy.

She shook her head helplessly, not wanting to argue with Julian any further about their relationship.

Julian was so furious over her ambivalent attitude, his eyes turned red. He was about to speak when
he heard Betty stop crying in a soft voice, “Mommy, don’t shout…” She looked up at Diana with tear-
filled eyes. “I’m scared…”

She waited for Diana to look at her before pointing to the gash on her face. “It hurts… Don’t shout…”

Mommy looked so scary when yelling at someone else.

Diana couldn’t help but slap her forehead upon seeing Betty like this. Why was she fighting head on
with Julian so emotionally that she neglected Betty again and again?

She bent forward and blew on the gash on Betty’s face, her heart aching and filled with guilt. “I won’t
shout anymore, I won’t shout.”

It was strange.

She had never fought with Simon, even after being with him for so long.

But before Julian, she always felt like flaring up over the littlest things. Her voice would always turn
uncontrollably louder too.

It was as if…

She became fearless before Julian.

Diana was shocked by the notion that popped up in her mind, and she subconsciously hugged Betty
tighter. She suddenly asked Julian, “Julian, do you really take me as a replacement?”

That was something she minded the most after hearing Simon mention Kayla.

It was something that kept swimming in her mind, never forgotten.

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