Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 769

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Julian was stunned, but he didn’t correct Doreen.

It was a scene Kiki had imagined for too long.

However, Julian never gave her a chance. It was good that she had Doreen, who was her chance at
fulfilling her dream.

Betty, on the other hand, felt hurt.

Or rather, the moment she heard Doreen call Julian “Daddy”, her heart broke into many little pieces.

The daddy she had wanted for herself already belonged to someone else.

What was the point of her staying here?

She cried out loud. “Mommy, Mommy! I want Mommy!”

She missed Mommy, her brother, and Simon!

She wanted her mommy right now. “Boo hoo… I want Mommy!”

Beads of tears fell uncontrollably from Betty’s eyes, which were glistening with tears.

Julian suddenly felt his heart aching.

However, he continued suppressing the urge to wrap Betty in his arms and coax her. “Noel, call her

Since even her child wasn’t enough to make Diana stay and she stubbornly insisted on finding Simon,
Julian couldn’t possibly continue being a fool by treating her and Simon’s child so well.

But why…

Why did he feel so terrible seeing Betty cry?

Perhaps because she resembled Diana so much.

He turned his face away, and hugged Doreen even tighter. He even retrieved Betty’s favorite doll and
let Doreen play with it.

Doreen had never been treated so well by Julian.

In the past, whenever she came here, Julian would always refuse to talk to her despite her longing to
be hugged by Julian and to call him “Daddy”.

Each time, Doreen could only hide behind Kiki, cowering in fear while looking at him.

But this time, everything was different.

She laughed happily, her head bobbing up and down as she hugged the doll tightly in her arms.

The doll’s hair, painstakingly braided by Betty who spent the entire afternoon doing it, became undone.

Betty immediately snatched the doll back, as if she were a protective mama bear. “That’s mine!”

Tears hung from her lashes; she herself looked like a fragile, porcelain doll with her pouty lips and puffy

The more Julian looked at Betty, the more he liked her.

He didn’t know why he felt this way, but somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to dislike Betty from the
bottom of his heart.

The more he felt this way, the more he hated himself.

His face darkened with displeasure. “Betty Winnington!”

“Give it back to Doreen!” he said harshly.

“It’s mine!” Betty yelled loudly once again. Julian’s words made her feel indignant and guilty, but she
could do nothing else aside from yelling uncontrollably, “Mine! It’s mine!”

Everyone’s attention was on Betty. No one saw when Doreen, who was nestled in Julian’s arms, made
the move.


Her nails scratched Betty’s face as she snatched the doll from Betty, hugging it tightly in her arms.

She yelled even louder than Betty. “It’s mine!”

At the next moment, blood trickled down Betty’s tender cheeks.

It was obvious how sharp Doreen’s nails were and how vicious she was.

Kiki made the first move as she swiftly pulled Doreen out of Julians lap and scolded the girl loudly.
“What are you doing? Even if you really like what Mr. Fulcher gave you, you can’t hurt other people!

What do I always teach you?

How can you be so rude?!”

Her words made Doreen burst out into tears.

The entire villa was filled with the cries of the two children, as deafening as a rally cry on a battlefield.

“Forget it,” Julian said to Kiki. “She didn’t do it on purpose. Just leave it.”

Yet, he decided he would never again welcome Doreen to the villa.

He wouldn’t allow it, even if she followed Kiki to deliver medicine here.

Not to mention giving Doreen gifts and toys.

Diana, who was on the phone, could only hear the words Julian said to Kiki.

Both Betty and Sean were her darlings whom she carried in her womb for ten months and had to go
through excruciating pain to give birth to.

She herself couldn’t bear to scold or hit them.

Of course, not to mention hurt them the way Julian did.

Yet when she left Betty alone at Julian’s place, Betty ended up getting hurt!

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