Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 768

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Unfortunately, none of them could persuade Betty to come back.

They eventually had to make Sean, the one whom Betty feared the most, to step forward.

As long as Sean asked for Betty to come back, she would definitely do so without a moment’s delay.

What choice did Betty have? Her brother was cold, distant, cool and aloof.

Of all people, Betty feared him the most.

To everyone’s surprise however, this time, even Sean was unable to persuade her to come back.

Each time Betty saw his brother’s call on her smart watch, guilt would fill her heart.

She hadn’t completed her mission, and there was now a candidate for her new daddy.

She didn’t want to see her brother.

Despite that, he kept calling. If she refused to answer his call, would he never talk to her ever again?

The mere thought of it made Betty anxious to the verge of tears.

This time, the sight of Betty on the verge of tears didn’t make Julian approach her and coax her.

Instead, his brows furrowed as he asked, “Has your mommy left?”

Betty nodded, and raised her chubby arms as a silent request for Julian to carry her. “Mr. Julian, I’m

He was sad himself.

How could he possibly comfort another?

“Play by yourself first,” Julian said emotionlessly. The thought of Diana leaving the villa once again tore
a huge, gaping hole in his heart; so deep that it seemed bottomless, and so high it seemed to reach the

He could only feel the teeth-bitingly cold wind gush through the gaping hole.

“Mr. Fulcher!” Betty ran up to him and grabbed the corner of his shirt, looking up at him with longing.

Her legs were like soft, fluffy layers of bread, giving one the urge to hug her.

But Julian didn’t want to see her right now.

Betty looked too much like Diana.

Looking at Betty made him inevitably think of Diana.

That heartless woman didn’t even want to stay in the villa for one more day, even for the sake of her
own daughter!

How much did she want to be with Simon?

The thought made Julian’s heart ache once more.

Ever since his nose started bleeding, he had to take frequent doses of medication despite having
recovered pretty well.

Shiloh said that if he wanted to recover fully, he would need at least a year.

Coincidentally, today was the day Kiki was supposed to deliver medicine to him.

He decided not to head out and simply walked past Betty to the couch. Betty’s arms were still raised,
waiting to be carried and wrap her arms around Julian’s neck.

Kiki came very quickly.

She even brought her young daughter in tow.

The girl’s hair was in a bowl cut, and she was wearing a gown fit for a princess. She looked to be of
around the same age as Betty.

Kiki held her daughter by the hand, and stood stunned the moment she saw Betty.

“Diana’s daughter,” Julian said monotonously. “She’s back.”

Kiki had long heard about it from Simon.

She never expected Diana to eventually come back one day despite the latter losing all her memories,
and despite all the efforts she and Simon put in to ensure that everything was watertight.

What was even more unbelievable was that Julian…was willing to let Diana’s child stay by his side.

Although Julian treated Kiki’s daughter Doreen pretty well, he refused to let her stay the night in his villa
despite her being the daughter of one of his saviors.

Once, Doreen asked for the children’s room Julian had done up and even threw a tantrum over it.
However, Julian refused to let her go in and take a look.

Yet the moment Diana’s child appeared, Julian let her stay in the room Doreen had been dreaming of!

Kiki didn’t feel good about it, and glanced at Betty while deliberately saying, “Is Betty Winnington the
one standing at the couch? She looks so much like Diana and nothing like her dad.”

She added seemingly jokingly, “Just look, she looks nothing like Simon.”

She appeared to say it casually, but Julian took it seriously.

What Julian cared about the most was the truth behind Betty’s birth.

He glanced at Doreen. “Come here.”

He patted the space on the couch next to him and reached out to carry Doreen, though slightly

The sight of him doing that made Betty pout. She kept holding her arms out as she walked toward
Julian. “I want a hug, too.”

She was Diana and Simon’s daughter.

Just as Simon was the evidence of Julian’s father betraying his mother.

Julian turned his face away, refusing to look at Betty. He paused for a moment before placing Doreen
on his lap.

Doreen had never been in such close proximity to Julian.

What Kiki often told her flashed past her mind, and she instinctively called out to Julian, “Daddy!”

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