Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 766

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Right behind Betty was a huge clothes rack with many clothes hanging on it.

With just one glance, Diana was able to tell that she was the one who designed and tailored all these

The cutting and style were way too familiar.

However, this room was in Julian’s home.

The photo and the clothes made Diana’s heart pound once more.

She bit her lower lip and quickly washed Betty’s hands clean before walking to the bedroom in large

Then, she swiftly pulled open the wardrobe.

There seemed to be even more clothes that she personally designed and tailored, and most of them
were women’s wear.

They were hung together with some men’s suits which probably belonged to Julian.

Yet, these clothes that looked like they were made from her weren’t styles that she had done over the
past three years.

Did Julian know her before she lost her memories?

Did she know how to design and make clothes before she lost her memories?

In that case, why didn’t Simon ever bring that up?

Diana’s mind buzzed, and her hands that were gripping onto the wardrobe were trembling.

“Betty.” Diana grabbed her daughter in her arms and walked out. Mrs. Lay saw her come out and
immediately went up to her, asking if she needed anything. Diana remained silent as she walked out
with a cold look.

Mrs. Lay followed closely behind her, unsure of what to do. A few times, she wanted to reach out and
grab Diana’s arm, but the look in Diana’s eyes stopped her from doing so.

Mrs. Lay saw Diana walk further and further away until she was almost out of the entrance of the villa.

Before Mrs. Lay could think of what to do next, Betty started crying. “Boo hoo… I’m scared…”

She had never seen Diana look like this, and her heart had leapt to her throat at this point.

She guessed that Diana wanted to leave the villa, and sobbed even harder. “I don’t want to leave! I
don’t want to leave!”

She wanted to be with Mr. Fulcher!

However, Diana couldn’t wait any longer.

No matter how loudly her daughter was yelling, she had to see Simon right now.

She had so much to ask him-about Julian, about the memories she lost…

More importantly, while she was in the villa, Julian said so many strange things to her when she was
his sister-in-law. He even bought so many of the clothes that she made.

Everything just made her feel so uncomfortable.

However, she couldn’t bring herself to refuse Betty.

Betty’s cries were overwhelming, and the girl refused to stop even after her throat went hoarse.

Left with no choice, Diana could only continue leaving Betty where she was.

Julian treated her pretty well anyway.

Betty was happy to hear that.

After leaving the villa while on the way to Simon, Diana still found it unbelievable in hindsight.

How could she just leave Betty all alone with Julian once again?!

Something like this would never happen in the past.

The sense of familiarity she deliberately suppressed the moment she saw Julian surfaced again.

What exactly…

Happened between her and Julian before she lost her memories?

Simon was already freaking out by the time Diana stood before him.

It had been three years.

The day that he had been deathly terrified of was finally here.

Right now, looking at the increasingly skinny and gaunt woman before him and hearing that she had
already met Julian, Simon knew that some things were fated to happen and there were some people
she was fated to meet.

Thankfully, the person whom Diana currently trusted was him.

Simon denied every single one of Diana’s doubts. “You’re overthinking things. Julian isn’t a pervert, and
there was nothing between both of you in the past.

As for the person in the photo…

Although she looks a lot like you, she isn’t you.

She’s Kayla Winnington, your sister of the same father but different mother.”

Simon paused for a moment before going on, “It’s just that… The Winningtons didn’t treat you well.
Your father even abandoned you on purpose at the amusement park when you were three…”

Diana’s pupil dilated in shock.

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