Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 765

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Since Diana misunderstood Julian’s words when it came to Betty before, wasn’t it possible that she
misunderstood his servant’s words now?

It was impossible for Julian to have any thoughts about her. If it was anything…it could only be her, as
Julian’s future sister-in-law, overthinking things.

“Sir.” Noel was currently standing in Fulcher Inc.’s CEO’s office. He looked at Julian and hesitated for a
while before saying, “Even if Miss Winnington wants to marry Simon, why did she have to delay it for
three years and seek your approval at the villa?”

That was the suspicious part.

Julian had long realized that something was amiss. Diana wasn’t that foolish. Even if she wanted to
take her daughter back, she wouldn’t stubbornly confront him with a matter he despised the most.

“Look into it,” Julian ordered, “Find out where she’s been and what she has been doing these past
three years. Don’t let anything slip-even if it’s just the vegetables she ate!”

Noel noted his command, and couldn’t help but offer an explanation for not finding any news about
Diana earlier. ”1 didn’t expect…Miss Winnington to gain weight.”

When they had been looking for her before, they had given out Diana’s appearance before she gave
birth. Thinking

about it, it was understandable why they couldn’t find her.

“She gained weight because she gave birth,” Julian said, glaring at Noel. “Are you proud to discuss a
woman’s postpregnancy figure?”

Noel was rendered speechless.

Oh, he and his big mouth!

It had been three years, and he sometimes forgot that Julian had always been sensitive about matters
concerning Diana.

It was better for Noel to speak less and do more.

Diana still dared not tell Simon that she was in CoIlina Villa. She just wanted to appease Betty first. She
planned to leave together with Betty after that, and only then inform Simon that she had obtained his
family’s approval.

Simon would definitely be happy then.

“Mommy,” Betty said. It was obvious that she was a little angry. With a pout on her tiny lips and her
braids now even more crooked than before, she put her hands on her hips and said, “Mommy, let’s play
a game!”

Diana quickly snapped out of her thoughts and said, “Okay, let’s play.”

As she spoke, the toy in her hand fell to the ground. Betty was quick to move. When she saw Diana
about to bend down to pick it up, she acted faster than Diana.

Her small hand quickly reached under the bed and retrieved the child’s modeling clay that had fallen
from Diana’s hand. Along with it, she also retrieved a photograph.

The photo had yellowed with a light layer of dust on top. It was apparent someone didn’t intentionally
drop it.

Diana was afraid of bacteria, so she quickly took the photo and intended to wipe off the dust. She also
thought of giving it to Mrs. Lay when she arrived later.

However, she froze as soon as she picked up a tissue to clean the photo.

The woman in the photo looked so much like her. The only difference was that the woman was slightly
thinner than her current self.

But… Why would her photo appear in Julian’s house?

What was going on?

Diana clenched her hand so tightly around the photo, her heart beating frantically as she panicked
inwardly. She wanted to do something to cover up the confusion, so she grabbed Betty’s hand and
said, “You’re dirty. Mommy will take you to wash up.”

When she finished speaking, they were already standing before the bathroom sink.

Betty’s eyes widened, and she said, “Mommy, you’re so smart!”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“You’ve never been here before, but you found the bathroom so quickly!”

Betty’s statement snapped Diana out of her daze. She looked down at her adorable daughter…

A wave of dizziness hit her,and her mind fell into a complete mess.

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