Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 764

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“Not back to Stirling City,” Diana clarified.

She didn’t understand why Betty’s emotions were so intense, and explained, “It’s Richburgh. We’re not
going back to Stirling. We’ve all come to Richburgh, and we won’t go back again.”

It was precisely because they had all come here that Betty was scared. She didn’t want to see her
brother yet.

“Here,” Betty repeated, “right here.”

Although Betty had attended early education classes, her vocabulary was still limited due to spending
most of her time with the silent and reserved Sean. Sometimes her speech was incomplete, but Diana
understood her meaning.

“Do you want to stay in this villa?”

“Mm!” Betty nodded happily. “Mr. Julian is good!”

She liked being with Mr. Julian. She could tie Barbie doll braids on his head and apply Barbie doll
lipstick on his face. Just thinking about these things made Betty shake her head like a tambourine.

She held Diana’s hand and chirped, “Mommy, stay! Stay with Betty!”

Her little face had turned red from excitement.

Diana was bewildered by her daughter’s excitement. Had she misunderstood Julian earlier? Maybe he
didn’t mean to imprison her. He was simply saying that Betty didn’t want to leave, so she couldn’t leave
either. But if she left on her own, then she wouldn’t be able to see Betty.

It seemed she had misunderstood Julian. After all, he was Simon’s brother and couldn’t be too bad,
right? He was just a bit rough in his actions.

Although she couldn’t fully accept it, she could tolerate it for Simon’s sake.

Just as she was thinking about it, Mrs. Lay came over to see her. Julian had been so angry that no one
dared call her” ma’am”.

Even Mrs. Lay changed how she addressed her. “Miss Winnington.”

When Diana looked at her for the first time, she felt a sense of familiarity, but it slipped away too
quickly, and she couldn’t grasp anything.

She calmly looked at Mrs. Lay walking towards her and politely said, “Hello.”

Mrs. Lay was taken aback.

She didn’t understand why Diana was pretending to be so unfamiliar with her. But with Madam Fulcher
gone and Julian still angry at Diana, Mrs. Lay didn’t dare to say much.

She only expressed regret in her eyes and said, “Please follow me.”

As soon as Diana returned, Julian gave up the master bedroom. After all, the mattress there was the
most comfortable.

Mrs. Lay sighed. Julian had always acted this way. No matter how angry or upset he was, he couldn’t
actually be cruel to Diana.

Mrs. Lay led Diana a few steps and couldn’t help but offer some consolation. “Miss, as long as you
lower your head to Sir…”

The mistake Diana made three years ago would surely be forgiven. But if she refused to lower her
head and continued like this…

Mrs. Lay sighed, almost unable to bear thinking about it anymore. She continued, “He’d be very happy.”

As she said this, Mrs. Lay also glanced at Betty. “Besides, Betty is so cute. He’ll definitely accept her

Diana nodded a couple of times; her face was calm, but her heart was in shock. If she didn’t
misunderstand, Julian was using the maid to convey that he could accept her and Betty.

It meant he didn’t want her to marry Simon, but he wanted her to marry him!

This thought was too absurd. Diana looked at herself carefully in the mirror, and sincerely believed that
her curvy figure didn’t have that much charm.

What did Julian mean?

Diana held Betty, and her head started to ache from thinking.

“Betty will give Mommy a massage!”

Seeing her furrowing her brows, Betty thought she was in pain, and quickly leaned to her head and
comforted her.” Pain, pain, go away…”

She cared about her mother very much.

Diana felt like she was going to melt from how adorable her daughter was being.

At the same time, there was one thought that stood out in her mind.

She was truly confused.

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