Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 763

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Diana was the only one in this world that could say his name like it was a lovely melody. But now, she
jerked back as if she had seen a ghost and forcefully shrunk into herself.

“You’re Simon’s brother.”

It wasn’t appropriate for him to apply the ointment personally. Julian sensed her underlying message,
and threw the ointment harshly. The white cream spread across the floor, and he trampled over it

He leaned in close to her cheek.

There was a wall behind Diana, and she had no more room to retreat. She could only widen her eyes in
fear and weakly call out, “Brother…”

The three years of yearning that Julian had accumulated finally crumbled in the face of the word

She really knew how to practically wrench his heart out and stomped on it, didn’t she?!

Julian didn’t let this heartless woman see the tears in his eyes. He stood up and left, commanding in an
icy tone,” Without my order, no one is allowed to let her leave!”

It was akin to disguised imprisonment!

Diana had no idea how she had offended him. She was about to get up and confront him when she
was startled by the view of his back. Why did she find this stranger’s back so familiar? She clearly had
just met him for the first time.


A cute and crisp call interrupted her musings; Diana looked up, and saw Betty. The excitement of
seeing her daughter dispelled the doubts in her heart. She stopped thinking and quickly picked up
Betty. Seeing that the girl was safe and sound, and even wearing a princess dress made of silk,
Diana’s anxieties finally subsided.

It seemed Simon’s brother wasn’t as bad as she had thought. Despite being impolite to her, he was
kind to Betty. Betty had a lazy personality, and always wanted to be carried by people.

Now, she was clinging to Diana’s neck and showering Diana’s face with kisses. Her big, adorable eyes
shimmered with golden specks as she kissed Diana.

Nestled in Diana’s neck, she sniffled softly and suddenly said, “Mommy, I missed you.”

One sentence from Betty made Diana’s heart ache.

“I missed you too.” Diana touched Betty’s little bun and asked, “Why is your hair crooked?” She lifted
Betty onto a stool to fix it.

But Betty shook her head and said, “No.”

“Why not?”

Betty was always conscious of her appearance. If it had been before, she would have refused to accept
even the slightest flaw in her braids.

But this time, she looked at Diana adorably and said, “Mr. Julian did it for Betty!”

Diana was stunned. “Julian?”

That cold and cruel man had done Betty’s hair?

“Mr. Julian…” Betty touched her lips and gave her evaluation. “He’s really good.”

Her chubby little hands danced around as she expressed her excitement. “Betty likes him.”

Diana was shocked. Although Betty had a soft and adorable personality, she didn’t warm up to just
anyone. Even with Simon, she only started liking him when she turned two years old.

Now, she claimed to like a man she had just met a few days ago. Maybe it was because Julian was too
good-looking. After all, Diana’s heart had also raced when she first saw him.

“I didn’t realize you were a little infatuated, sweetie.” Diana attributed their unusual behavior to their
obsession with appearances.

She knelt down and negotiated with Betty, “Mommy won’t touch your braids anymore. Uncle Simon and
your brother are waiting for us outside. Should we go?”

Sean was here?

The two little ones hadn’t been separated much, and Betty was overjoyed at the news of her dear
brother being close

by. But then, she had a second thought. She hadn’t completed what she had promised her brother

She didn’t know if Simon had other women around him, and she didn’t know if she could still make the
man their daddy.

As soon as these thoughts crossed her mind, she became anxious and started crying.

“Sob… I don’t want to go back.” She kicked her little legs on the stool, holding Diana’s hand and acting
spoiled. “Betty doesn’t want to go back!”

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