Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 762

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Diana was furious. She never expected that her repeated compromises would only make Julian more

“Are you out of your mind?”

She couldn’t take it anymore and shook off his hand. She crouched down in pain before examining the
wound on her leg, worry quickly filling her eyes.

“Where’s my daughter?”

She didn’t want to treat Julian taking Betty away without permission as a malicious act. She was
waiting for him to accept her as “family” before bringing up her daughter.

That way, it wouldn’t hurt his and Simon’s relationship. It was something she thought she should
consider for Simon’s sake. But now, she had strong doubts about this man’s character.

She had to take Betty away, right now!

Julian sneered, “Whether or not I’m out of my mind, you should know best, right?”

The complex emotions in his eyes startled Diana. She quickly regained her composure and warned
Julian, “I’m Simon’s fiancee.”

The implied meaning was for Julian to stop making ambiguous remarks.

Julian found it ironic to see how anxious Diana was to distance herself from him.

“Simon hasn’t married you in so many years, so I’m sure he’s not that sincere.”

Only Diana would treat such a man as a treasure, to the point she would even betray him just to be
with Simon.

“What’s so good about him?”

This had been a question lingering in Julian’s heart for three years.

“He’s good to me,” Diana answered firmly.

Was he not good to her?

Julian almost blurted out this question. But now, it was meaningless to ask these things. The fact that
she had the audacity to come before him like this proved that she felt no guilt or remorse whatsoever
about what happened in the past.

“Your daughter is in the villa.”

That girl was once the baby he had eagerly anticipated. He had hoped the twins in Diana’s belly would
be Aster and Star returning to them. Yet later, Diana left him and went with Simon, so he had no idea
about when they were born or what their gender was.

“Is the other one a boy or a girl?”

Diana was taken aback.

Clearly, Diana didn’t expect this cruel and uncouth man to ask such a casual question.

Almost involuntarily, she blurted out, “A boy.”

Fraternal twins?

A tinge of disappointment flashed in Julian’s eyes. He should have realized that if the baby was a girl,
the child in Diana’s belly couldn’t possibly be Aster and Star.

Moreover, these fraternal twins had no blood relation to him.

The more they talked about children, the more anxious she became. “Where’s Betty?”

She couldn’t wait another minute. She urgently wanted to see if Betty had suffered the same cruel
treatment as she had.

Julian glanced coldly at her before continuing dismissively,” If you want to see her, stay. If you don’t
want to see her, then leave.”

Diana was stunned. “Are you saying that if I want to see Betty, I have to stay here? And if I leave, I
have to leave her behind?”

Betty was her daughter, yet she couldn’t take Betty with her?!

“Yes,” Julian replied with a flat look.

Seeing the red and swollen wound on her leg, he felt momentary remorse but quickly concealed it.
Diana had done something so unforgivable to him. She deserved all the pain she suffered.

Despite his thoughts, he still told Mrs. Lay bring some ointment. Mrs. Lay had wanted to talk to Diana
for a while and took the opportunity to hand her the ointment, but Julian intercepted it.

“Don’t move.”

He knelt in front of Diana like he used to, squeezing the ointment onto his hand, intending to apply it for

In the past, she would have acted spoiled in moments like this. She would have embraced him with a
smiling face and called his name in an affectionate manner.

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