Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 761

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It seemed as long as Diana was sincere, she could eventually impress Simon’s family.

So what if he was the richest man in the world?

After all, the person she wanted to marry wasn’t him.

Why should she feel guilty?

With this in mind, Diana straightened her back and said seriously, “Mr. Fulcher, please agree to let me
marry Simon!”

Her words made Julian close to exploding with anger.

He couldn’t endure it anymore. He stepped forward and grabbed her chin forcefully. “Diana, are you
doing this on purpose?!”

Her skin was delicate, and it quickly turned red from the force he exerted.

The intense pain throbbed painfully, and Diana couldn’t bear it anymore. “Mr. Fulcher!”

Her eyes widened, and she frantically slapped his hand. “It hurts!”

Even if he didn’t agree to their marriage, he didn’t have to get physical with her!

Diana was very upset with Julian’s behavior, which showed a lack of boundaries. She didn’t have as
much respect for Simon’s brother anymore.

Julian was hurt by how she looked at him like he was a stranger, and his brain went blank.

Three years.

After three years of separation, she didn’t beg for mercy or apologize, cry and express regret, or even
explain that it was a misunderstanding. She didn’t even…

Hug him.

She didn’t say she missed him.

None of that!

She only had her heart set on Simon, trying to get him to agree to their marriage.

It was truly absurd!

“Disgusting.” Julian looked at her, his icy expression as sharp as a blade. “Diana, you disgust me!”

She was completely stunned.

In her memory, Simon was a very good person.

She never thought that his brother would be so unreasonable and impolite.

No wonder Simon never mentioned his existence.

“Get out of my way!” Her expression also turned cold. She bent down, retrieved the gift she had
brought, and looked coldly at him before saying, “I won’t hold it against you for grabbing my chin, and I
won’t tell Simon to avoid making things difficult for him…”

‘But I won’t give these gifts to someone like you!’

Before she could finish her sentence, Julian’s crimson eyes startled her.

He hissed, “Enough!”

Veins popped on the man’s forehead. “Simon, Simon, Simon! I never knew you had already fallen so
deeply in love with him!”

He was a fool!

He was still daydreaming.

He still thought she had a valid reason for faking her death.

He still thought that she had no choice but to leave with Simon while carrying their unborn children!

He still thought…

That she would never truly betray him.

Yet time and time again, the facts reminded him that he was the biggest fool!

Diana was completely heartless!

“When did you and Simon start getting involved with each other?”

Even when betrayed, he wanted to know clearly when she had started deceiving him.

“On new year’s eve? When I was away on a business trip?”

Diana found this person completely absurd.

“Simon and I aren’t involved romantically.”

They were close friends, non-blood-related relatives who supported each other.

“Our relationship cannot be defiled with such vile words!”


Julian couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t stand Diana only mentioning Simon, and he couldn’t bear
her earnestly recounting her feelings for Simon.

Even worse, everything Kiki said had become an undeniable truth!

A murderous intent leaked into the air, and he was filled with thunderous anger.

Seeing the fear in Diana’s eyes, his cold and imposing demeanor softened momentarily.

But the next second…

His eyes were still bloodshot, and he pulled her forcefully into the living room.

They stumbled along the way; her lower leg was scratched by plants, quickly swelling, but he
pretended not to see.

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