Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 760

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Julian needed to go out and meet Diana quickly!

He needed to see what kind of seductive words this carefree woman would say to him!

Hastening his steps, the two soon met on the secluded path of the villa.

At first glance, both of them were a little stunned.

Diana was astonished. ‘How could Simon’s brother be even more handsome than him?’

This man looked like he had walked out of an ethereal painting! At the first glance, his appearance
made her heart tremble, and it started beating wildly in her chest.

She panicked and shoved the feeling away, too afraid to look at the man directly.

Julian, on the other hand, was shocked by Diana’s transformation.

It had been three years. He thought she would be restless, plagued by a guilty conscience, or perhaps
have sleepless nights.

Even more so, he thought she would be apprehensive and fearful. Yet, he never expected that she
would be so calm when seeing him. She even seemed a bit plumper than before.

“It seems you’ve been living well,” Julian said, his words chilly and flat.

Diana thought he was mocking her figure, and felt a bit embarrassed. ’I initially planned to meet up with
Simon after successfully losing weight, but I didn’t expect…”

She didn’t expect to be intercepted halfway by his brother who had popped out of nowhere, resulting in
her coming to Richburgh before completing her weight loss journey.

Although she appeared less fat with her choice of clothes and styling, traces of her plumpness were
still noticeable.

“Please rest assured, Brother. I know how to live within my means and not be extravagant.”


Julian sneered. Did Diana just call him that-exactly the same as what Simon had called him?!

“I don’t have such a brother!”

He had never acknowledged Simon! And he certainly didn’t want Diana to know about it; he didn’t
expect that she would find out. Even after knowing, she still referred to him as a brother alongside

“Don’t be angry.”

The pressure around them became increasingly heavy, which caused Diana to become even more

She wasn’t easily frightened, but she felt her heart racing increasingly faster after seeing Julian. The
usually composed woman now felt like she had done something wrong and awkwardly said, “I won’t
call you that.”

After all, they weren’t married yet, so there was no rush for such titles. Standing there so stiffly was
getting awkward, so Diana quickly placed the gift she was holding in front of Julian and took the
opportunity to explain. “Don’t worry, I’m with Simon not for his money. I can earn money myself, and I’ll
contribute to the household expenses with him.”

Not for his money?

Earning money together to contribute to the household expenses…?

Was this how Simon treated Diana?

Was he the one who put her up to say these things about earning money and contributing to expenses
in front of Julian?

The thought that she not only betrayed him for Simon, but also didn’t have a good life and didn’t
receive Simon’s full care, made his expression twist into an uglier sight.

The air around him seemed to drop several degrees. Diana couldn’t help but shiver, and timidly raised
her eyes to look at the man before her.

For some reason, that strong sense of guilt emerged in her heart again.

She thought she hadn’t done well, so she tried even harder and said, “A-And I don’t eat much…”

Of course, he knew that!

She had always had a small appetite. When she was pregnant, she was tormented by morning
sickness. He had to use all kinds of junk food to coax her into eating a little bit.

Those memories were still vivid in his mind, but…

He was the only one who remembered them.

Diana was in such a pathetic state, as though her entire heart belonged to Simon.

Julian narrowed his eyes. He wished he could pry open her mind right now to see what she was

“Diana…” he said through gritted teeth. “Is being with him so great?”

So great that even after three years apart, when they reunited, she didn’t utter a single word against

“Of course it’s good.”

Diana dared not say anything negative about their relationship in front of Simon’s family. Otherwise,
their marriage would definitely be even more disapproved of.

After hearing her clear and decisive answer, disbelief filled Julian’s eyes.

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