Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 759

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Despite everything, Julian would still wait for Diana to see him.

He wanted her to see him personally, and for her to plead with him.

No matter what tricks Simon tried to pull, Julian remained silent.

After hours of stalemate, he only had one thing to say, “Tell her to come.”

It was clear who Julian was referring to, but it was impossible for Simon to agree to that. However, his
disagreement couldn’t stop Diana’s motherly love for her child.

“Betty is in the hands of a stranger. How can I feel at ease?”

Upon hearing that Simon couldn’t bring Betty back, Diana became so anxious that she packed her
bags that night and decided to come to Richburgh early.

Simon was afraid that she would really meet Julian, so he said, “He’s not exactly a stranger. In fact,
he’s my brother.”

Diana was shocked at the information. “Your brother?”

“Yes,” Simon replied. “Actually, he took Betty in as a guest. I didn’t bring her back because she seemed
to be having a great time there. I was busy with work, so I didn’t rush it.”

Something felt strange to Diana.

“Why didn’t you mention this before?”

She had done some research. Julian Fulcher was the world’s richest man!

With that in mind, she finally grasped the source of her strange feelings.

“We have different mothers but the same father,” Simon explained.

There was a moment of silence on the other end, which made Simon anxious. He was afraid that
talking about these past experiences would trigger Diana’s memories from its familiarity.

Just as he was worried and was wondering how to explain or cover up this matter, he heard her sigh
and say, “The gap between us is getting bigger.”

She realized she had been reaching up too high by considering marrying him. Simon breathed a sigh of
relief, not expecting her to bring up this matter.

Just as he was about to speak, Diana said, “Let’s put the marriage on hold for now.”

Her intuition told her that Simon’s family wouldn’t like her. Why would his brother openly display
pictures of her child with such unkind words otherwise?

It was a clear warning to her not to try and climb the social ladder too high.

“Simon,” she said seriously, “I’ll head to Richburgh. Wait for me.”

Before that, she needed to go and bring Betty back. She wanted to pay a formal visit to Simon’s
brother. And at the same time, see how his brother felt about their marriage.

If his brother really disagreed… Then she would strive to impress his brother, to let him know that she
wanted to marry Simon and not only for the man’s wealth!

She had to put Simon’s family’s mind at ease. This was the only way she could prevent Simon from
being put in a tough spot.

Simon thought that after Diana arrived in Richburgh, she would contact him first. He didn’t expect the
first contact he received would be from Sean, asking him to pick him up.

“Mommy said she’ll come in a few days,” Sean relayed Diana’s message to Simon just as she had

The purpose was to completely remove Simon from the equation between her and his family. She
didn’t want him to face any more difficulties.

Simon believed what Sean told him and said, “Okay. I’ll take you home first.”

Simon took Sean from the airline staff, and called Diana to let her know he was safe.

At this moment, Diana was standing at the entrance of CoIlina Villa. Looking at the grand villa in front of
her, a myriad of emotions surged through her heart.

Why…did everything here feel so familiar?

Could it be that she and Simon were destined to become a family?

With this belief in mind, Diana pressed the villa’s doorbell.

Noel saw Diana on the surveillance camera, and ran as fast as possible toward the villa.

“Sir, the madam is here! She’s here!”

“Who are you calling that?!” Julian glared at Noel, but his fingers trembled slightly as he instructed, “Let
her in.”

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