Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 758

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This man was really strange!

Betty scrutinized him a little longer before feeling certain of her assumption. “You care about me,

She wiped away Julian’s tears with her chubby little hands, causing him to widen his eyes in surprise
and stare at her.

He actually shed tears for Diana! And in front of the child she had with another man, at that!

Julian felt extremely embarrassed, so he immediately got up and left Betty’s room. But the child liked
him very much, so she clung to his thigh tightly like a koala.

Julian wanted to kick her away, but held back when he saw her chubby little face.

Betty didn’t know anything.

She stared at him with wide, unblinking eyes and asked,” When will my daddy come to pick me up?”

She didn’t want to leave with Simon. She wanted to stay here forever. Let this strange man who cried
with her be her daddy instead!

However, she wasn’t familiar with him yet. Her mother had told her to be polite to unfamiliar people.
Being polite meant calling him “Daddy” only after becoming familiar with him.

Betty thought her idea was perfect. Her lips split into a

bright grin as she looked at Julian.

However, Julian was stung by her words and thought she was eager to see Simon. So, he simply said,
“He won’t come to pick you up.”

He thought Betty would cry after hearing that. Unexpectedly, she laughed brightly and replied happily,

Julian was speechless at the child’s reaction.

It looked like there was nothing special about Simon and Diana’s genes. Their being together was a
mistake! They actually gave birth to such a silly little fool.

And yet, how could she be so adorable…?

She was so adorable that he wanted to lock her up in a small dark room and keep her away from the
world, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

In the end, the great CEO was reduced to the point of having his hair pulled around as she did his hair.

Noel was shocked to see the scene before him.



Julian brought a finger to his lips as he looked at Betty, who had fallen asleep from exhaustion. After
all, she had been playing with him the entire time. In her small hand, she still held the lipstick she had
been applying on his lips when she was determined to turn him into a life-size Barbie doll.

“She just fell asleep.”

After saying that, he carefully placed her on the bed and tucked her in. Then, he and Noel quietly
walked out.

“What is it?” He asked, his mask of indifference already sliding into place as if everything Noel had just
seen was an illusion.

Noel gathered himself and said, “Simon is here.”

Upon hearing that, Julian’s expression grew even stiffer.

Was the person who disappeared with Diana for three years finally going to appear?

A cold smile formed on his lips, and he replied, “Got it.”

When Julian next appeared before Noel, his hair had returned to its normal state, as did the usual cold
air around the man that warned others away.

“Hello, dear brother,” Simon greeted boldly when the two men finally stood before each other.

“I have never acknowledged you as my brother. I didn’t before, and I will never do so in the future!”

He clearly had no interest in Simon.

“Where is she?”

He had publicly displayed pictures of her daughter, and she still dared not come to see him?!

Was she feeling guilty?

Simon fell silent for a moment before saying, “She won’t be coming.”

“Then don’t think about taking her daughter away.”

Simon had already reconciled with Kiki before coming here, and now fully understood the latter’s
previous explanation. He knew Julian was well aware that Diana not only didn’t die, but also gave birth

to her children.

“Betty’s my daughter,” Simon said. “Julian, why are you doing this?”

When Julian, sitting across Simon and looking down on the latter, heard those words, he felt as though
someone had struck him on the head with something hard.

Simon’s daughter…

Simon and Diana’s daughter…

Thinking about his foolish actions with the little girl just now, Julian wanted to throw her out right there
and then!

And yet, he couldn’t.

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