Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 757

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Betty said that her daddy’s name was Simon.

In an instant, Julian’s face turned red from anger.

For the past three years, he had expanded all his effort to search for Diana.

Yet, he always held onto a glimmer of hope.

Hope that what happened back then was a malicious lie spread by Kiki.

Hope that Diana hadn’t betrayed him, hadn’t chosen to be with Simon and leave him.

But now… This little girl, who looked so much like Diana, said her father’s name was Simon.

The girl had the same features as Diana and a familiar name. What else was there to be uncertain
about her heritage?

Something he had resisted all along had finally become a reality.

Julian’s demeanor grew even colder. He turned to Noel and ordered, “Take a picture of this little girl and
quickly circulate it throughout the airport…no! Throughout the world’s media! Say that she got
separated from someone and Julian Fulcher found her. Tell her parents to come immediately when they
see it!”

He refused to believe that Diana could watch her daughter stay by his side and not come looking for
him. At this moment, Julian’s eyes held a mixture of satisfaction, anticipation, hatred, and love. A fire
seemed to have been ignited in his eyes, and they burned brightly.

Noel hadn’t seen this side of Julian in a long time. In the past three years, although Shiloh had done a
good job in reconditioning Julian’s body, it had lacked a certain spark.

But today, after the man had encountered this little girl who resembled his wife, it seemed… He had
truly come alive again.

Although… Noel didn’t know if it would be a good or bad thing for Julian to meet Diana, who had
already betrayed him, again.

Regardless of whether it was good or bad, Noel didn’t have a say in this matter. All he could do was

Soon, the picture of the child spread everywhere.

When Diana saw the news, she nearly fainted.

She immediately called Simon and asked, “Where’s Betty?”

She was in a panic, and her voice was abnormally shrill because of it. “Where’s Betty?! I want to talk to

Meanwhile, Simon was already at his wit’s end at this moment.

He couldn’t believe it. He never expected to get separated from Betty! Even more unexpectedly, shortly
after returning to Richburgh without making any plans yet, Betty bumped into Julian of all people!

And now, Julian had taken her away and released this news.

There was no doubt Julian had already figured out that Betty was Diana’s daughter. She looked so
much like Diana, and their eyes were almost identical.

“Don’t worry,” he replied.

There was no other way for Simon to get around this. At this point, he had to personally retrieve the

“I’ll get Betty back safely.”

“You must hurry!” Diana said. “A man who takes away a child like that can’t be a good person!”

A strange feeling always surged in her heart whenever she heard Julian’s name. But that strangeness
was too peculiar, and she couldn’t pinpoint the exact emotion to place on it.

In the end, she could only let that strange feeling slip away. All the words that spilled from her lips were
only those of concern for her daughter.

“How could he put Betty’s picture out there for the whole world to see?”

Didn’t the man know what the term privacy meant?!

Simon wanted to say that if he dared to do this, it was only because the man naturally had the backing
to do so. The current Julian was even stronger than three years ago.

As long as he was willing to protect someone, there would never be a chance for anyone to take
advantage of him.

Betty was safe in his hands. Not just safe-right now, she was simply acting like a spoiled princess! She
had never enjoyed such good treatment before.

Even when she was with her mother or her brother, she didn’t dare to be so unruly. But with this
handsome and unfamiliar man, she found that even if she threw all her Barbie dolls on the bed and the
floor, no one would scold her and tell her to tidy up and put everything back in its place.

Moreover, when she just mentioned missing her mother, this strange man immediately started
pretending to cry with her.

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