Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 756

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There were too many people here, and Betty’s little heart pounded with fear.

Why wasn’t her uncle picking her up or holding her?

She looked up with her cute little face, her big, wet eyes fixed on Julian. After using her chubby hand to
wipe away her tears, she stared at Julian for a few seconds before finally realizing that the man wasn’t

She had grabbed the wrong hand and mistook the person!

Betty burst into tears again. “Sob, sob…”

She stood there and looked around helplessly while wailing,” Mommy… Sob, sob… Uncle… Sob…”

“Mr. Fulcher,” the airport staff in charge greeted. Their hearts almost stopped in their chest as they
watched the scene unfold before him, and they quickly said, “We’re very sorry!”

They were about to carry Betty away, who was blocking Julian’s path, but Julian’s gaze swept over
them, causing them to freeze in place.

To the astonishment of onlookers, the usually cold and aloof CEO knelt down in front of a cute little girl
and said,” Shh, good girl.”

His voice was hoarse, and Betty couldn’t help but be drawn to this unique tone. She subconsciously
looked up at him.

As soon as she saw his face, Betty immediately stopped crying. This mister… He looked so handsome!
He was even more handsome than Uncle Simon!

Betty was young. Although she understood many things, she couldn’t express herself well with words,
so she often used actions to convey her thoughts.

With this in mind, she reached out and touched Julian’s face. Something in Julian’s heart was instantly
struck by her action.

It had been three years since Diana left. He had been living, but there was always a void in his life, and
he hadn’t even smiled. But now, his lips gently curved upwards in the presence of this adorable little

“Where’s your mommy?” he asked.

“Mommy is at home,” Betty replied as she retracted her chubby little hand and looked at him shyly.
“Uncle, I like you!”

As soon as she saw him, she liked him even more than Simon. She wanted this man to be her daddy

Julian looked into her wide eyes, and memories of Diana resurfaced in his mind. He smiled
mysteriously before saying patiently, “I like you too. Can you tell me where your home is?”


That’s what Diana had told her-her mommy said that their home would be in Richburgh from now on.
Betty was confident she didn’t say anything wrong, and looked at

Julian with a smile.

Julian was shocked. He had combed Richburgh, but hadn’t found any trace of Diana. Could this little
girl, who almost resembled her in every way, really be her child?

”Where’s your daddy?” he asked. Like a wolf in disguise, he was gently coaxing out all the answers to
the questions he had.


Betty wanted to ask Julian to be her daddy, but then she remembered her brother saying that Diana
was going to marry Simon and that the man would be their daddy.

Sean told her to take good care of Simon and ensure he became their daddy. But now, she had let go
of Simon’s hand, and everything had gone wrong.

Thinking of her brother’s cold expression, Betty swallowed nervously. She changed her words and said,
“He’s lost.”


“Yeah,” Betty replied as she tried to describe the situation to Julian. “Hand, let go.”

It seemed that the person was still in this airport.

Regardless of whether this little girl had anything to do with Diana, Julian was determined to meet her

What if…? What if she really was Diana?

That woman would eventually have to pay for what she had done!

With these thoughts in mind, Julian continued to ask,” What’s your daddy’s name?”

What’s his name?

Betty hesitated for a moment. Out of respect for her brother’s authority, she obediently acknowledged
Simon as her daddy.


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