Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 754

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Diana felt even more relieved in her heart. Privately, though, whenever the topic of marriage came up,
she would get a stifling feeling in her chest.

To prevent Simon from worrying, she forcefully shoved this discomfort away and asked, “There’s
something I want to discuss with you. Will you agree to a request of mine?”

Again, Simon replied without hesitation, “Sure.”

“Great!” Diana said. “I want us to go to Richburgh.”

Her clothing brand might not earn a lot of money, but living in Richburgh shouldn’t be a problem even
with two children to support. She lived frugally all this time to provide her children with the best
educational conditions.

And now, it was time.

“Good environment and proper nurturing are important for the development of the children,” Diana
explained with a smile to Simon, who was still in shock. “Do you think it’s possible?”

He understood Diana. Once she made up her mind, she wouldn’t change it. Talking to him now wasn’t
a negotiation, but rather the final test before marrying him. If he disagreed, she would keep looking for
another man until someone was willing to move to Richburgh with her.

Would what was supposed to happen…ultimately be unstoppable?

Would she and Julian meet again?

No… It probably wouldn’t happen.

Simon studied Diana from head to toe. She had gained about fifty or sixty pounds compared to before.
Although her features were still delicate, she was indeed far from the breathtaking beauty she used to

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