Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 753

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Diana could freely admit to herself that she would never have such a mindset. She wondered if Sean
inherited his father’s personality, but when she saw her own plump figure weighing over a hundred and
fifty pounds in the mirror, she stopped thinking about it.

Simon had said that her past was very painful, so she decided not to try hard to remember. Anyway, it
would give her a major headache every time she made an effort. Over time, it no longer mattered who
the father of her children was.

“Simon,” Diana said as she put the call on speaker. There was a smile on her lips as she continued,
“Could you come over?”

On the other end, she could hear hurried footsteps when the man heard the cries.

“Is Betty crying? Don’t cry, Betty! I’m coming right away! I’ll make everything that makes you sad go
away, okay?”

Betty liked Simon the most. Diana couldn’t care for both children alone when they were young. Simon
had always helped her with the kids, so they were very dependent on him.

Betty’s eyes widened and lit up as soon as she heard Simon’s voice. She wiped away her tears and
smiled before saying, “Okay, Uncle Simon! Betty won’t cry anymore! Betty will wait for you!”

When Sean heard this, a hint of a smile slowly appeared on his usually indifferent face.

Diana couldn’t help but recall her earlier thoughts when she saw them like this.

After the children had fallen asleep in the afternoon, she gathered her courage and brought up the topic
to Simon. “Simon, I want to marry you.”

Simon was sitting down when she said that, and a flicker of guilt flashed through his eyes at her words.
However, his expression soon smoothened out and turned serious.

“You want to marry me?”

“Yes,” Diana said. “The children’s second birthday has already passed, and they can start attending
kindergarten when they are two and a half years old.”

Seeing that only three months were left until that day, she had to get them registered in the household
registration system.

“If we get married, I can register them into the system.”

Otherwise, according to the country’s existing laws, a single woman like her wouldn’t be able to
complete the task of registering her children in the household registration system.


The children needed a father-they needed a complete family. She heard children talk about their
parents in kindergarten, and she was afraid Betty and Sean would be uncomfortable when the topic
was brought up.

Just the thought of that scene made Diana’s heart ache terribly. For the past three years, Simon was
the one who named her, the person who took her in, helped her open a clothing store, and even helped
her establish a small clothing brand.

He was also the one who waited outside the delivery room when she gave birth.

And later on…

He was the one who helped her care for the children and provided money to hire a nanny and a
maternity nurse. Even though she had paid back all the money later on, it seemed no one in this world
was more suitable for her to marry than him.

She shamelessly said, “Besides, you don’t mind that I’m like this.”

Throughout these years, no matter how overweight she became, he always said she looked good. He
never said anything bad about her, and was also good to her children.

After thinking it through, she concluded, “You’re the best choice for marriage.’

Upon hearing this, a bitter smile appeared on Simon’s lips. A hint of darkness flashed in his eyes,
something she had never seen from him before.

After a while, his expression returned to normal when he raised his head.” So, you want to marry me so
you can register your children into the system and because you think I’m the best candidate? Not
because you love me?”

In that instant, Diana caught a glimpse of the hurt in his eyes.

She was somewhat surprised by his reaction. “Simon, I’m so overweight. My body hasn’t recovered
since giving birth, and I’m a single parent with amnesia and two children to care for. Do you really want
to marry me?’

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