Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 752

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Soon, Noel confirmed that Diana had indeed stayed at the Channing family’s residence and met up
with Simon instead of Oliver.

Julian looked at the results of Noel’s investigation and remained silent for a long time.

He didn’t know when Diana had established this connection with Simon.

Even more puzzling was why she chose Simon over him.

He made a copy of the video from Kiki’s phone and watched it repeatedly. It wasn’t until he felt a sense
of unfamiliarity towards Diana’s features, as if they were falling apart, that he finally stopped.

Two days had passed since then.

When Julian emerged from his study, his face was devoid of color-except for his eyes, which were
suddenly burning with a determined fire.

“Send people to find Diana,” he instructed Noel. “Even if you have to search every corner of the earth!
Find her!”

He wanted to ask her in person why she had betrayed him. He would carry a strong resentment and
hatred for the rest of his life! He would continue until he found her and made her pay the price for
betraying him!

Little did he know that this search would last for a full three years.

Winter came and went, followed by the arrival of spring. Yet, Diana seemed to have vanished from the
face of the earth without a trace or any news.

Two children sat on small stools in the small border town of Stirling City.


Betty and Sean gathered around a round table with Diana for their meal. They were eating broccoli
today, and many small crumbs were falling into the sauce.

Betty had been staring at the plate since this dish was served. Sean wanted to pick up his utensils, but
Betty wouldn’t let him. Her little mouth was turned down into a pout, and her small hands occasionally
tugged at her brother’s sleeve.

“Don’t…there are little oil tadpoles in here…”

Although Betty was already two years old, her speech was unclear. As for Sean, he rarely spoke and
almost always kept silent. He remained silent even when his little sister tried to be cute and act spoiled.
Then, he picked up a piece of broccoli and put it in his mouth like nothing was wrong.

“You meanie!’ Betty exclaimed as her eyes turned red, and she complained to Diana, “Sob… Mommy,
Sean is mean!”

Her daughter was too adorable, and Diana found it amusing.

“Sweetie, why is your brother a meanie?”

“He… He pinched my little tadpoles…”

“Tadpoles?” Diana was perplexed, and glanced at the dishes. “Where are there tadpoles?”

“T-These things…” Betty pointed at the broccoli crumbs on the plate.” They… They look like tadpoles.”

Betty was an adorable little girl, and she looked sweet and tender. Her mouth curled into a pout when
she spoke, which absolutely melted Diana’s heart.

Normally, Sean didn’t talk, so this would have blown over. But today, Sean acted out of character and
had intentionally made his sister cry. He pulled the plate over and polished the remaining sauce off.

“Tadpoles,” he said coldly, with a unique air of indifference, “all gone.”

In the next second, Betty burst into tears and her cries echoed through the room. Sean quickly grabbed
his phone, opened Simon’s contact, and handed it to Diana with a clear indication that he wanted the
man to be here.

Every time Betty cried, Simon was the only one who could comfort her. “It seems like Betty misses
Uncle Simon.”

Diana immediately understood her son’s intentions and looked at her tearful daughter while helplessly
shaking her head.

“Whose personality did you inherit? You’re such a cunning little boy.”

Sean wanted Simon to come, but he feared the man would refuse. So, he wanted Diana to make the
call while Betty sobbed in the background. By doing so, Simon would definitely come when he heard
the cries.

Even at such a young age, Sean wanted to be a hundred percent sure before doing something.

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