Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 751

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“Is Simon better looking than me?”

When Kiki heard Julian’s absurd question, she shook her head without hesitation and said, “No…”

Even though Julian was leaner and sharper now, Kiki still couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Is Simon richer than me?”

“That’s impossible!”

The wealth of Fulcher Inc. was unparalleled.

“Does Simon have more power than me?”

“That’s also impossible…”

“If he’s not better than me in any way, why would Diana take such a big risk and elope with him while
carrying our unborn children?!”

Julian’s logic was crystal clear.

Unknowingly, Kiki fell into the trap he had woven and was oblivious to it. By the time she realized it, it
was too late.

She broke out in a sweat, her mind spinning rapidly. Panicked, she decided to weave an even bigger
lie. “B-Because her unborn child is Simon’s! They say it’s an elopement, but they’re trying to escape
with their lives! Why else would she fake her death?”

Then, Kiki sighed. “If she didn’t elope with Simon willingly, why did she leave the villa of her own free
will? Why did she cooperate so well in disguising herself and faking the car accident photos?”

This series of questions struck Julian right in the heart. However, he still didn’t believe it.

“Diana would never betray me.”

She loved him so much-they were clearly in love, and there couldn’t possibly be such a major crack in
their relationship like his parents had, resulting in an illegitimate child.

Kiki didn’t expect Julian to trust Diana so much, and she tried harder to convince him. “It’s okay if you
don’t believe me. Those are the facts.”

Finally, she threw out her last argument. “Simon said he wants revenge on you.”

As soon as she said that, a chilling light flashed in Julian’s eyes. Kiki’s legs went weak with fright, but
upon careful thought, she realized her words had probably accidentally hit their mark, so she continued
to lie. “You two are never seen together normally, and you’re not even close relatives. I don’t
understand why he would say that, but those were his exact words.”

Kiki didn’t understand, but he did. Julian clenched his fist and looked toward his parents’ graves.


Suddenly, he seemed to have gained strength, “Go find someone and have their graves dug open for

He wanted this seemingly estranged couple to return to their rightful positions!

Disturbing the graves of the deceased was a grave taboo! Noel tried desperately to persuade Julian,
but he couldn’t resist the man’s insistence. In the end, they took out the two urns and buried them

separately in the eastern and western parts of the cemetery.

At this point, Julian felt somewhat relieved in his heart.

“I believe you.”

If Simon hadn’t said those words, Kiki couldn’t have accidentally stumbled upon something that only he
and Simon knew. The revenge that Simon mentioned… He wanted to follow in his parent’s footsteps
and make him experience the pain of betrayal!

However, it was Simon who had been abandoned by his parents before. This time, it was Julian who
had been abandoned by Diana.

Trembling, he watched Diana’s makeup video again. Her every expression and smile on it were so
familiar. There was no trace of unwillingness or coercion. She even held Simon’s hand, just as she had
once held his, and placed it on her belly. The video had no sound, so he couldn’t hear what she was
saying, but he could see the happiness on her face.

She chose to leave with Simon… It was her own choice.

“Noel.” He instructed, “Find out who Diana met on new year’s eve at the Channing family. I want to
know if it was Oliver or Simon!”

If it was Simon, then everything matched up with Kiki’s story, 1

Diana…had really betrayed him, just like his father had betrayed his mother!

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