Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 750

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That was what Kiki saw when she came by.

Compared to the mighty and commanding presence of the great CEO of Fulcher Inc. of the past, Julian
had become a walking skeleton without a soul.

Kiki even thought of giving up.

She didn’t know if forcing Julian to be with her and putting up such a big show would be worth it.

She stared at Julian with a look of disdain that she didn’t even notice.

Eventually, she decided to walk toward him.

Kiki flung him a bomb the moment she stood in front of him. “Julian, Diana isn’t dead.”

Life immediately penetrated Julian’s eyes, originally dead and listless.

He stared at Kiki as if she were his savior. “Kiki, don’t joke about this.”

“I’m not joking.” She took a deep breath, “I didn’t want to tell you this, but…l really can’t stand seeing
you like this any longer.”

Her heart ached as she said, “Julian, you’ve been fooled badly by Diana. She ran off with another man
yet here you are, foolishly staying vigil by her grave, hugging her urn through all those sleepless

What was more, his health was still in a terrible condition. He had stopped taking his medication, and
was suffering from all sorts of pain and aches every day.

It wasn’t as simple as just bleeding from the nose.

His internal organs were all in pain, and he often felt short of breath amidst the agony he felt in all his

These were all bodily reactions from his condition.

However, they were drowned out by the misery and pain Diana’s death brought him.

As much as every inch of his body was in flesh-biting pain, he didn’t seem to feel a single thing.

He was like a lifeless puppet without his senses and awareness. He was left with nothing but a single
wish: to die with Diana.

But right now, Kiki’s words were akin to a key that unlocked all the switches in his body.

His aching joints and organs fired up his senses, and his face immediately became flushed. “Ran off
with another man?”

Veins popped out from his forehead, making his gaunt face look even more skeletal. “Kiki! If you dare
spout nonsense with me, I’ll rip off your tongue!”

Kiki shook her head frantically. “Of course, I wouldn’t dare shoot my mouth off like that!”

Kiki hurriedly showed Julian the video of Diana cooperating with them in making herself look like she
was in an accident before losing her memories. “Look! The blood that was all over her body was make-
up that she put on herself. It’s just ketchup. I didn’t want to tell you about it, but you’re too deeply in
love with her.”

Kiki clenched her fists and exclaimed self-righteously, ‘That woman isn’t fit for you!”

Julian stared at the video through red-rimmed eyes, not fully trusting Kiki’s words.

He had no reason to believe an outsider over the love of his life, and he instantly pointed out the core
of the issue. “How did you get this video?” A sense of guilt crept up Kiki’s heart, but very quickly, she
remembered that Diana had lost all her memories.

No matter what she said, Diana would never be able to refute her claims. That thought gave Kiki the
courage to speak. “I asked Simon for it.”

“Simon Channing?”

What does all this have to do with him?

Julian furrowed his brows. “Why does he have this video?”

“We’re sort of friends,” Kiki said. “Although we’ve only met a couple of times, we’re from the same circle
and share affinity with each other. When he and Diana left, he showed us a woman who was willing to
pretend to die in order to lie to a man she didn’t love, just so that she could elope with him. Back then, I
didn’t know he meant that the man Diana didn’t love was you.”

Kiki added confidently, “We even…”

“Even what?”

“Laughed at the man,” Kiki said. “We thought he wasn’t even capable of keeping his own woman…”

Her claims were wholly unconvincing.

Putting aside the fact that Simon wouldn’t have a reason to be so bold as to elope with Diana, Diana
herself would never have thoughts of eloping with Simon in the first place! 1

All the more she wouldn’t insist on pretending to die and lie to him in order to elope with Simon when
she was pregnant.

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