Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 749

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Now that he had seen the photo of Diana in her death, he had come to accept that Diana had left this

He was familiar with every single inch of her.

The photo couldn’t possibly be fabricated.

Over the next week, Julian stayed vigil by Diana’s grave. He ate and drank nothing, till his body was left
with nearly nothing but skin and bones.

Noel was in a panic ,and even tried with Shiloh to pry his mouth open and feed him medicine. Yet, they
didn’t manage to get even one drop in.

“He only has one last breath left in him.”

He would be beyond rescue by the time he was depleted of all breath in him.

Shiloh explained to Kiki, “If a patient doesn’t cooperate, even the best doctor would have no way.”

Kiki’s brows furrowed as she asked hopelessly, “Can’t we put him on a drip?”

Facing his stupid daughter, Shiloh was frustrated to the point of laughter.” That’s not my strong point.”
What’s more, putting him on a drip would only temporarily extend his life. Once Julian regained a little
bit of energy, he would still seek death to be together with Diana.

In other words, “He’s the only one who can save himself right now.”

He sighed. “As for Diana…”

The thought of her filled Shiloh’s heart with guilt.

He had helped his daughter force Diana to leave Julian, but not in hopes something untoward might
happen to her. He didn’t expect her to lose her life on her way out of Richburgh…

“A pity she’s dead now.”

Kiki didn’t respond to her father, but simply looked down and pondered for a long while before looking
at Shiloh and saying solemnly, “I have a way.”

She added determinedly, “Just wait. I’ll definitely let Julian live on!”

Diana’s grave was located in Fulcher Inc.’s graveyard.

She had once told Julian that she wanted to be buried next to Grandpa and Grandma when she died,
and be with Aster and Star.

Julian fulfilled her wish.

He placed her ashes right where she wanted to be.

After he was all spent of his life and breath, he would follow her in death.

As for his funeral, he had made his wishes clear to Noel.

Noel was flabbergasted to hear Julian’s wishes. Julian claimed he had neither descendants nor kin
right now.

The whereabouts of Simon Channing, the only blood relative he had, was unknown to him ever since
Simon left after getting shares of the Channing family business.

As for his other family…

Grandma was no longer around, and his babies were gone as well.

The heavens seemed to be punishing him, leaving with him no kin and family at the end of his life.

Therefore, he concluded he wanted to leave Fulcher Inc. in Noel’s hands.

In other words, the moment Noel agreed, Julian would give him the entire Fulcer Inc.

“I’ll give you the old mansion, Mrs. Lay.”

She had taken care of Grandma her entire life, and deserved a place to live in for the rest of her life.

But before he was done speaking, Mrs. Lay and Noel’s faces were awash with tears.

Not only did Mrs. Lay rejected him, but even Noel resisted the great temptation that stood before him.
“Sir, if you are bent on dying, I might not be courageous enough to die with you, but I’ll never lay a
finger on Fulcher Inc.”

He had been with Julian for so many years, and they didn’t just share a mere boss and subordinate
relationship. They were more like brothers like family.

And so, the massive Fulcher Inc. was in great peril.

Julian no longer cared about it.

The only thing he cared about was Diana.

He simply wanted to reach the end of his life and pursue her in death.

His parents weren’t able to be faithful in love while alive and didn’t stay together in death, but he would
do it with Diana.

Julian hugged Diana’s urn while staring at Aster and Star’s graves, wondering if Diana and his babies
were in pain during the car crash.

He was a failure of a father.

He wasn’t able to protect his own wife, and he repeatedly lost his children.

Julian lay paralyzed on the ground as he stared weakly up at the sky.

A person like him…

Should just die.

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