Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 748

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If she were alive, he had to see her in person.

If she were dead, he had to see her corpse!

“Noel.” Julian lay on the bed and looked at Noel with an air of authority, “I repeat, bring me to her.”

This time, Noel didn’t dare to disobey.

The two of them quickly left the house. Upon reaching the police station, they found out that Kiki had
taken Diana’s corpse.

Julian was unhappy to hear the news. “Firstly, I did not receive the notice of death. Before actually
confirming whether Diana is dead or alive, don’t refer to it as her corpse.”

She was a person.

A living, breathing person. He would never accept the fact that she was already dead.

“Secondly, she has no relations with Kiki Stewart whatsoever. Why did you just let her take Diana

The policemen were put in a difficult spot. “Mr. Fulcher…”

None of them dared to offend him, but if they failed to give him a satisfactory explanation, things might
only become more difficult for them.

“Ms. Winnington…”

They considered their words carefully before going on, “She is indeed dead …her death certificate has
also been issued. However, you aren’t her legal husband or her direct kin, so…you were not sent a
copy of it.”

Who knew Julian would care so much for his ex-wife?

Had they known, they would have contacted him at the first instance.

“As for Mr. Kiki Stewart, she claimed to be Ms. Winnington’s best friend. We were unable to contact any
of her family or friends, and had no choice but to hand the body over to her.” Kiki was, after all,
someone influential in Richburgh and the Stewarts were a household name.

They didn’t think that Kiki had any ulterior motive in bringing a corpse home.

Her explanation was reasonable enough.

What was most frustrating about all this was that he really shouldn’t have said that he didn’t want the
babies in the first place. Otherwise, he and

Diana would have gotten legally remarried. The police wouldn’t be able to claim he wasn’t Diana’s
husband in name!

So what if they weren’t husband and wife in name?

She was the love of his life, and the most important person to him in this whole world!

“I will find her.” Very soon, he left the police station with Noel behind him. Upon contacting Kiki, he
headed straight to the funeral parlor.

The moment Kiki knew that Julian was coming, she immediately bought some ashes to pretend they
were Diana’s.

Julian came like a gust of wind.

Thankfully, Kiki was well-prepared as she hugged the urn in her arms. Julian didn’t dare to move
recklessly for fear of disturbing the dead.

He completely ignored the urn in Kiki’s hands as he demanded, “Kiki, where’s Diana?”

Kiki knew he wouldn’t accept news of Diana’s death, and raised the urn high up with her hands. “She’s
right here.”

Before Julian could respond to her, she said confidently, “Both Diana and I are pregnant. After we left
Central Hospital that day, we began contacting each other and became close to each other. My parents
often engaged her for tailor-made clothes, too. We’re good sisters, in fact. She loved you so much, I’m
sure she didn’t want you seeing her in that terrible, mangled state after the accident…”

Julian listened to her as she rambled on.

His incisive yet cold eyes captured her every expression. “And then?”

Kiki couldn’t help but swallow past a constricted throat. “And then… I cremated her in hopes her soul
would rest in peace.”

“Rest in peace, my ass!” Julian rarely spoke so coarsely, and it was a clear display of his wrath.
Although his body still felt weak, it didn’t stop him

from throttling Kiki. “Lie one more time and claim that she’s dead, and I’ll kill you!”

Kiki’s eyes were filled with fright. “I’m not lying! I have photos! I really have photos to prove it!”

With that, she unlocked her phone.

The final photo of Diana in her death appeared on the screen.

The car accident had completely mangled her face.

Yet her hands remained on her stomach, as if protecting the most precious thing in her life.

As much as he refused to believe it, the photo convinced him that perhaps …it really was true.

The person in the photo, covered in blood, was really Diana…

He wouldn’t be mistaken.


Was really dead…

She was pulverized and made unrecognizable before she managed to see Julian for one last time.


The phone fell on the floor.

Julian collapsed at the corner of the wall, filled with so much sorrow that he couldn’t make a sound or
move an inch.

He was in a complete daze.

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