Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 747

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However, he had taken extra good care of his own health after that and had fully recovered. He couldn’t
be so weak to the point of fainting from a nosebleed.

“What happened to Mrs. Fulcher was too much for him to take.” Noel could only come up with that
reason. “Mrs. Lay, let’s wait for a while more. He should be out of surgery soon.”

‘Wait, wait, wait! He’ll be dead if we wait any longer!” Kiki charged toward them on her heels and stared
unceremoniously at Noel. “Are you Assistant Carter?”

Noel nodded. “I know you. You’re the daughter of the Stewart family.”

‘That’s right!” Kiki didn’t expect Julian’s assistant to remember her name, and that notion made her feel
rather smug. “You should know that the Stewarts have been famous doctors over the generations,
don’t you?”

Noel nodded. “Yes, I do.”

“So right now, I want to bring Julian away to the Stewarts’ residence so my father can treat him.” She
looked right at Noel and went on, “Given his current condition, only my father can save Julian.”

With that, she ordered her subordinates to barge into the operating theater to check on Julian.

She didn’t expect Noel to stop her and look at her in disdain. “Who do you think you are?”

No one had the power to bring his boss away as they pleased.

Kiki was shocked by his attitude, and immediately wanted to fire him. But she calmed herself down and
thought that it was best to wait for Julian to wake up and make a decision first. With that in mind, she

backed down from her stance and said, “Mr. Carter. To be honest with you, I came here at the request
of the hospital director.”

The mention of the hospital director made Noel’s face change. “Isn’t he inside operating on Mr.

‘Yes,” Kiki said. “But he realized that his skills are limited, and he could only deal with Julian’s external
injuries and not the root of his condition.”

Mrs. Lay caught the underlying meaning behind Kiki’s words. “So Mr. Fulcher bled from the nose so
badly not because he was emotionally affected?”

Kiki didn’t dare to clarify anything lest they sniff something amiss. “I’m not a doctor and I’m not sure
myself. Whatever it is, no matter Julian’s condition, my father is qualified to treat him.”

That was enough, for sure.

“Since the hospital director has no better way and since Madam Fulcher isn’t around, I’ll act as the
elder of the family and make the decision.” Mrs. Lay looked at Noel, “You can’t stop Ms. Stewart from
taking Mr. Fulcher away.”

Shiloh had long heard about Julian fainting, and was waiting at home for him to come.

The moment he saw Kiki bring Julian in, he immediately brought him into his exclusive treatment room.

Shiloh was surrounded by bottles after bottles of medicine in the room, all made with rarely seen
ingredients sourced from around the world.

In this room, the most expensive medicine in the world were the most basic drugs.

Those drugs that were rarely seen or heard in the world were true elixirs that could save lives.

Julian’s bleeding had been stopped, and the injury on his head had been treated as well. What Shiloh
needed to do right now was to heal his body internally.

During this period of recuperation and recovery, Julian needed to take medicine.

His condition would only improve if he diligently took his medicine over one month.

However, Kiki didn’t expect Julian to reject the medicine the moment he regained consciousness on the
second day.

His face was as pale as death, and he was beginning to exhibit symptoms of his condition. His nose
would start bleeding again at the slightest trigger.

Shiloh said Julian’s condition was at full force, and he was suffering way more than he seemed like he
was on the surface.

To make matters worse, Fulcher Inc.’s stock prices were declining by the day.

Julian had lost the motivation to live.

“I want to see Diana,” he would say, and many times he tried to stand up and search for her.

Yet his entire body felt weak; no matter how many times he tried, he always ended up collapsing
helplessly on the ground.

Tm useless!” He looked at Noel. “Noel, I’m a useless piece of trash!”

Yet, this useless piece of trash had someone he cared most dearly for.

Eventually, he could only bow his head and plead with Noel-something he had never done before.
“Noel, pull me up!”

He had to look for Diana right now.

“Sir.” Noel knew that Julian’s heart was aching, but he had to face up to reality. “Mrs. Fulcher is

Before he could complete his sentence, he could feel the temperature of the room descend.

Julian glared daggers at him. “Diana isn’t dead! She’s not dead!”

Their babies were still in her womb. No matter what happened, she wouldn’t leave this world just like

The news station must have made a mistake.

He must find out the truth.

Noel couldn’t hold himself back anymore. “If Mrs. Fulcher isn’t dead, why isn’t she home?”

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